Call of Duty devs respond to hilarious Cold-Blooded Warzone hat glitch

Bill Cooney
Infinity Ward

A developer from Infinity Ward couldn’t help but comment on a wild new bug popping up in Warzone that’s forcing player’s headwear to betray them while using the Cold-Blooded perk.

As most Call of Duty vets are aware, the Cold-Blooded perk keeps your character invisible from things like thermal scopes on weapons and UAV scans, making it perfect for all those stealthy players out there.

However, a new glitch appears to be making players accessories, such as their hats, betray them when they should be completely invisible to scanners.

Infinity Ward
Cold-Blooded is a tried and true perk that many players swear by in CoD.

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How can a hat betray a player using Cold-Blooded though? It’s a valid question, since hats and accessories themselves shouldn’t be giving off any additional heat.

But that’s exactly what happened to Reddit user SoupFocus during a Warzone match. In their screenshot, it clearly shows that the player using Cold-Blooded doesn’t show up, but his cowboy hat sure does.

The player in the sights of the thermal scope blends in with the background, like you should when using the perk, but his headwear obviously didn’t get the message and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Even worse, since their hat is the thing lighting up, it gives any player that has them within range a perfect opportunity at a headshot – if they have a thermal scope of course.

This unlucky player yee’d their last haw thanks to the Cold-Blooded bug.

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SoupFocus’s post about the hilarious glitch even caught the attention of Infinity Ward developer Joel ‘artpeasant’ Emslie, who confirmed it is indeed a bug.

“It’s bugged,” Emslie responded simply, which hopefully means that devs are aware of the problem and working on a fix.

For now, it’s unknown whether or not the bug is caused by different headgear, so if you plan on going the stealthy route, you may want to customize your operator to have the least amount possible, for now at least.

Infinity Ward
Going with as little headgear as possible may be the smartest play in Warzone for now.

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Exactly when developers will roll out a fix for this annoying, yet entertaining bug remains to be seen. For now though, if you see a mysterious floating hat through your scope, it might be worth taking a shot at.