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Call of Duty

Bizarre Warzone C4 bug makes them absolutely useless

Published: 4/Sep/2020 11:45

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty players have found a strange glitch where they are unable to throw or detonate their C4 explosives in Warzone.

While Call of Duty titles such as Modern Warfare require players to be accurate in their gunfights, their character’s lethal and tactical equipment can also play a massive role in giving them the advantage over their opponents.

With the addition of Warzone, usually underused lethals and tacticals have played an increased role in the game, with it being revealed that C4’s are used by about 80% of battle royale players.

However, it has been revealed that the most popular pieces of equipment has been failing to work properly in-game, making them useless for some Warzone players.


Warzone player parachuting into a fight
Infinity Ward
Lethal equipment can be quite useful in Warzone, particularly against players with vehicles.

This strange new glitch with the C4 is seemingly making it impossible for Warzone players to throw the lethal, despite their character going through a similar animation on-screen.

An example of this bizarre bug was highlighted by u/badder_eend, who shared the clip on the Warzone subreddit on September 3.

After spotting an enemy down below, the player attempted to throw their C4 but their character’s throwing animation seemed to fail, leaving them confused at what was happening.

Was going to throw a C4. I instead started coughing into my elbow whenever I pushed the button from CODWarzone


“Was going to throw a C4, I instead started coughing into my elbow whenever I pushed the button,” they explained.

While the opposing player was seemingly unaware of badder_eend’s position, experiencing a glitch like this could be quite costly in a normal Warzone gunfight.


As of now, it is still unclear what could have caused this glitch but, if it continues to affect other Warzone players, it is likely that Infinity Ward will look to issue a fix for the bug in a future update.