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Bizarre Warzone bug makes almost everything invisible

Published: 14/Aug/2020 16:41

by Jacob Hale


A strange bug has been affecting players in Warzone by making almost everything invisible including the vehicles, roads, buildings, and more.

There have been a number of frustrating bugs and glitches in Warzone, but generally, they’re bearable, but this one really could ruin people’s games.

As far as visual bugs go, there’s one that has been affecting players massively throughout Season 5 and the latter stages of Season 4, and that’s what people are referring to as the “demon glitch,” with weapons randomly having some kind of graphical error that make them look big and spiky, and occasionally impossible to ADS with.


This is one that the Warzone devs have promised a fix is on its way for.

Warzone gun demon glitch
Activision / Reddit: Kid-Gosu
The demon glitch has been causing a lot of stress for Warzone players.

This bug, though, isn’t quite as common but could be equally as frustrating given the circumstances.

Whereas if your gun is glitching you could just go and pick up another one, this bug is making textures disappear completely in Verdansk, and that’s not something you can just quickly replace.

As shown in the video below, freeyungal was trying to take his team across Promenade East and into the circle in a truck that he couldn’t actually see.

While driving what appeared to be an invisible vehicle, almost everything else looked out of place too; one of his teammates was invisible, some parts of the road and ground were just blue and certain walls just weren’t appearing.


New shaders work very well, I like it. from r/CODWarzone

It’s unclear what exactly is causing the issue at hand, and it’s not as common an issue as something like the demon glitch mentioned above.

One commenter on the post said it had happened to them a few times and that the only solution was to reboot the game or their system, which would be massively frustrating if it were to start happening more frequently.

Infinity Ward and Activision have yet to comment on the bug.