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Bizarre Warzone bug brings Most Wanted players back to life after dying

Published: 21/Sep/2020 16:31

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players have experienced a strange bug with the Most Wanted contract, dying while holding it then being revived after the Most Wanted stays its course.

Most Wanted contracts are among the most popular in Warzone, granting a big income of cash if you can survive the time while holding one, with everyone in Verdansk able to see your exact location.

This is a high-risk, high-reward contract to pick up, but can be instrumental in helping your team get their loadouts, buy streaks or equipment and generally stay on top of the game as you traverse the map — but there’s a bug which is making it super overpowered.


Warzone Verdansk Stadium gunfight
Verdansk has been home to a fair few bugs, and now the Most Wanted contract has to be added to the list.

As you’ll be well aware if you’ve played much Warzone, Most Wanted isn’t only great for getting some extra money in the bank, it also brings back any players that have been lost in the throes of battle.

That means that rather than having to find a Buy Station to revive your teammates, they will simply respawn once the contract has finished, from which point you can help them get their loadout, armor and back into the action.

Now, though, the function seems a bit broken. As you can see in the clip below from Joel_Cantelo, they died while using the Most Wanted contract, but it didn’t disappear with them.


Instead, it stayed live while the teammate lived on and, once the timer had run down, brought Cantelo straight back into the game.

I died after I marked myself as most wanted.. the contract didn’t end, spectating a teammate and it brought me back ! from r/CODWarzone

It’s unclear how or why this happened. As you can see, it clearly has Cantelo’s gamertag on the Most Wanted, so it’s not obvious whether the Most Wanted simply stayed active but invisible to enemies, or if it passed to his teammate, but this could be incredibly frustrating for players who manage to take out Most Wanted enemies.

That said, it would be hard to complain if it happened to us. Free revives and money? We’d be silly to say no, but Infinity Ward will likely want to get this bug fixed sooner rather than later.