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Bizarre Stopping Power bug is ruining Warzone & Modern Warfare matches

Published: 6/May/2022 13:45

by Jacob Hale


Stopping Power has always been a huge point of contention among Warzone and Modern Warfare players, but now it’s been made even worse with this annoying bug.

For the longest time, MW and Warzone players complained about Stopping Power being too powerful, which is especially frustrating in Warzone’s regular BR modes when you don’t have the ability to simply respawn and get running into the action again.

As a result of these player frustrations, the Stopping Power field upgrade was removed entirely in November 2021, though it has since come back in different modes.

With recent updates, though, Stopping Power has become a far bigger problem than before, as it is hurting players who use it almost as much as players who come up against it.


stopping power rounds modern warfare
Stopping Power has been a divisive feature in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

According to multiple players of Modern Warfare and Warzone, this Stopping Power bug has seeped into both games, literally taking them out of the game and causing unnecessary deaths constantly.

It’s unclear what exactly is causing the issue, but when players are using Stopping Power, it’s pulling up the loadout select menu, making them unable to move or fire back at enemies without closing the menu.

While Stopping Power is only in the Plunder modes in Warzone right now, it’s becoming a debilitating issue for players in that mode who want to use the field upgrade, not to mention the MW multiplayer modes where having the fastest reactions is of utmost importance.


How to fix Stopping Power bug

Luckily, there is a solution to stop Stopping Power from pulling up your loadout select menu.

As explained by one comment on Reddit, you should switch to your secondary just before the reload animation is done. Once you switch back to the weapon with Stopping Power, it should be fully loaded with the field upgrade and no menu popping up.

Whether this is something the developers address in the next update remains to be seen, but for now, your best avoiding Stopping Power just in case of any issues.