Behind The OpTic & FaZe CDL SCANDAL | Review Show

Alan Bernal

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The Reverse Sweep team is back after a chaotic week in the Call of Duty League, but Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker & Katie Bedford are here to take you through all the biggest moments in Week 3 Stage 3.

The Dallas Home Series showed some teams putting on the best CoD performances they’ve had all season making the Top 10 highlight reel stacked with amazing plays.

This week, the Reverse Sweep hosts gave their honest takes on what transpired after Atlanta FaZe’s 3-0 series against OpTic Chicago, the staying power of this Toronto Ultra team, and a lot more.

FaZe/OpTic server situation

Atlanta FaZe have been one of the most consistent teams in the CDL, and they were heavy favorites going into the series against OpTic. But after ATL beat CHI 3-0, people took to socials surrounding the situation of playing on the Atlanta servers.

While there’s a lot that could’ve been done to mitigate the problem, Pacman still favored FaZe regardless of the situation. “OpTic is right to be upset. And then there’s the other side where, I’m looking at the history of the OpTic matches and how they’ve been going, had they played on a Texas server, I still think Atlanta would’ve won.”

Toronto is going plus Ultra

The rise of the Toronto Ultra has been a treat to watch for Call of Duty fans. While legacy orgs have deeply entrenched fan bases, you just have to respect the output Toronto Ultra have been showing, considering the players on their team.

“They’re really showing you how far a team can go when you have a mix of both talent and teamwork, as well as a great overall understanding of the game… I think they’re poised to go back-to-back,” Enable said of their Major Championship chances.

NY Subliners look scary with Hydra

When Hydra came onto the team, there were a lot of questions if the composition would equate to a winning formula. But so far, Subliners are looking really good with their new player.

“We have Hydra really becoming a superstar SMG. He is a top-tier respawn talent as an SMG already. It’s just making their teamwork look so flawless,” Pacman said. Even though he needs to work on his S&D, Subliners are riding high with their new player.

The good, the bad & the ugly!

The Toronto Ultra are making a statement run in the CDL and Pacman had to single out the biggest contributor to their recent success – who could be making a case for MVP. Meanwhile Enable liked FaZe’s play as of late and gave credit to someone outside of the Tiny Terrors.

As for LVPs, the decision was easy for some people, especially considering the aftermath of the OpTic/FaZe situation. For the entire Reverse Sweep review, make sure to check out the full video.

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