How FormaL Became a Call of Duty legend

Joe Craven

Currently playing for OpTic Chicago in the Call of Duty League, Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper’s history as a Halo pro may still be a mystery to esports fans. Here, we chart his incredible rise from Halo prodigy to CoD hall-of-famer.

The transfer of pro players between competitive FPS scenes is not unheard of, with other examples like Frosty and Huke fairly notable. However, what sets FormaL apart is the incredible success he has experienced in competitive Call of Duty, coming to sit in fourth on the lists of total tournament wins and total prize money earned.

A wizard with an assault rifle in his hands, there are very few players who can match FormaL’s gun-skill and unwavering accuracy in-game. From his early days as a Halo young-gun, we take a look at just how FormaL became one of the greatest to ever play professional CoD.

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