Enable & Pacman pick their perfect best-of-5 competitive Call of Duty series

Jacob Hale
Enable and Pacman on reverse sweep create best of 5 competitive CoD series

During the Reverse Sweep CDL show, hosts Katie Bedford, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker took a trip down memory lane to create their ideal best-of-5 competitive CoD series, causing some serious debate.

Call of Duty first became a major esport in 2012 with the release of Black Ops 2, which many cite as a turning point for the franchise.

One of the great things about CoD  is that, with a new game every year, there’s bound to be at least one or two maps annually that really feel great, and it’s entirely personal preference.

So, with so many maps to choose from across a variety of titles and game modes, Enable and Pacman took a look at the very best and worst.

World War 2 ardennes forest map
World War II’s Ardennes Forest makes a surprise appearance.

While Pacman himself is a veteran of the scene, competing all the way back in Call of Duty 2, the pair decided to just create their perfect best-of-5 series from Black Ops 2 onwards.

Using maps and modes from all different titles, they disagreed on a lot, with Enable saying that Pacman’s choices were “horrible.”

Here are the maps that each of them picked for their perfect series on Reverse Sweep:

Mode Enable’s picks Pacman’s picks
Hardpoint Solar (Advanced Warfare) Fringe (Black Ops 3)
Search & Destroy Meltdown (Black Ops 2) Freight (Ghosts)
Uplink Evac (Black Ops 3) Comeback (Advanced Warfare)
Hardpoint Standoff (Black Ops 2) Raid (Black Ops 2)
Search & Destroy Hunted (Black Ops 3) Ardennes Forest (World War II)

So, there’s definitely some contention over certain maps. Enable hated Pacman’s Ardennes Forest S&D pick for game five, while Pac similarly hated Enable’s game-five pick of Detroit, which he later changed. Katie even started to pick her choices but, with Modern Warfare’s Arklov Peak mentioned, they decided to not let her go any further.

With two completely different players, who made their names in completely different eras of Call of Duty, there were bound to be some disagreements, but overall it shows just how many great maps there are.

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