Awesome Modern Warfare map layout combines Crossfire and Bog

Infinity Ward

A creative design for a Modern Warfare map would combine two fan-favorite locales from Call of Duty 4 into an epic battlefield for the latest game.

A stitchwork for long-range maps Bog and Crossfire would make the hybrid map look a lot like its COD4 campaign counterpart, but with more lanes to let players move about the different terrain.

In creating the design, aptly named ‘Wartorn,’ Reddit user ‘xQcs_taxes’ wanted to bring a revival of sorts for the cherished maps but with a new twist that would let it serve a higher volume of players.

Infinity Ward
Bog is one of the more memorable Call of Duty maps in the series.

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“I’ve always pictured Bog and Crossfire together since I first played COD 4,” they explained, making note of the multiplayer variants rather than the campaign design.

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“I’d love to see both of these maps make a return in a unique way that connects them and allows for a ‘new’ Ground War map. It would fit perfectly with the game; it could have a night and day version.”

Though their original design only gave players a single lane that would connect the two maps, a revised version gave the map a lot more depth and flexibility.

There’s a ton of space to work within the revised version which positions Bog on the south end while transitioning to the tattered streets of Crossfire.

xQcs_taxes via RedditxQcs_taxes via Reddit
Called ‘Wartorn,’ the design would bring the best of two old-school maps into something new for Modern Warfare.

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Separate alleyways would let players weave through the two terrains and for good measure seeing as both maps were popular for long-range sniping.

Ground War already gives players plenty of reasons to stay perched in a single spot to scope out players from a distance, so having extra buildings and tight corridors would be perfect to counter annoying snipers.

Since its October 2019 launch, developers Infinity Ward has revived popular maps from Call of Duty history.

Infinity Ward
IW has already brought in CoD maps from past games. A hybrid of two would make for an interesting concept.

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Maps like Crash, Shipment, and Vacant, that are now in the game, came from the 2008 CoD entry that forever changed the franchise as a whole.

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While this map concept might need some fine-tuning, it could be a new way for Infinity Ward to incorporate its older locations into the game instead of the remasters with minimal changes.