JoeWo & Stukawaki win Atlanta FaZe $100K Gold Rush Warzone event: final results

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atlanta faze cash grab gold rush warzone season 3
Atlanta FaZe

The Atlanta FaZe put together a massive Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 event that included separate $50K Cash Grab and $100K Gold Rush tournaments. Here’s how both tournaments went down.

  • JoeWo & Stukawaki closed out the $100K Gold Rush event.
  • Five Duos eclipsed the 300-point mark.
  • Cash Grab featured global stars like Jukeyz, FaZe Testy, and Fifakill.

 Atlanta FaZe Gold Rush: Final Placements

Placement Team Points Prize
1st JoeWo & Stukawaki 388 Gold Bars (worth $57K+)
2nd HusKerrs & newbz 361
3rd DiazBiffle & SuperEvan 360
4th Swagg & Booya 352
5th MuTeX & Blazt 320
6th TeePee & UnRational 295
7th Aydan & Rated 282
8th Tommey & Almond 273

 Atlanta FaZe Gold Rush stream

If you want to catch up on the tournaments, you can check back through the official Call Of Duty and FaZe Twitch streams (embedded above) as well as ATL’s YouTube page.

Additionally, you can also look through streams of the top players. For the Gold Rush, players like Aydan, Biffle, and JoeWo stand out.

$100K Gold Rush teams & players

ATL FaZe Gold Rush teams
Atlanta FaZe
The first batch of team captains for the $100K Gold Rush event.

Despite initial delays, many of the world’s most popular Warzone players dropped into the $100K tournament. Below is a rundown on every Duo.

Team Captain Teammate
FaZe Swagg Booya
FaZe Pamaj FaZe Dirty
Tommey Almond
TeeP UnRationaL
HusKerrs Newbz
Aydan Rated
BobbyPoff Mayappo
Dr Disrespect Zlaner
SuperDuperDaft iSmoothHD
Destroy Bibby
Repullze LuckyChamu
MuTeX Blazt
JoeWo Stukawaki
DiazBiffle SuperEvan
Kaysan Royalize
Kalei Renay austinFBZ
OpTic Jorge OpTic Blake

$50K Cash Grab final placements

After the dust settled, Recrent_ and Ubica were the ones standing on top of the heap with nearly 250 kills.

Here are the top five teams that got a share of the $50k payout.

Global Cash Grab placements
Teams Pts Prize
1 Recrent (114 kills) Ubica (135 kills) 345 $25,000
2 Testyment (104 kills) Jukeyz (140 kills) 338 $10,000
3 itswarsz (103 kills) fifakillvizualz (101 kills) 304 $7,000
4 CPentagon (113 kills) Fxzzn (89 kills) 302 $2,000
5 MethodZSicK (106 kills) Xhiet0 (96 kills) 298 $1,000

$50K Cash Grab teams & players

atl faze cash grab

Below is a full rundown on every player that dropped into the first phased of the Season 3 launch event.

Global Cash Grab players
FaZe Testy Jukeyz
Moonryde Washout
SkyrrozTV SackzITV
Low4n Telo
Cpentagon Fuzzn
Velox Jordantrecc-
MethodzSick Xhieto
Kayzahr Splashed
FaZe Bloo Flank
Flexz Xaxe
Recrent Ubica
BerriTV Godrekon7
Pow3rTV Fnatic Lomba
Wuskin YKTDeleo
Gotaga Mystk
Phyzik Eskc
WarsZ Fifakill

$50K Global Cash Grab format

Both the Cash Grab and Gold Rush will follow a similar duos kill race format:

  • Duos Public Matchmaking
  • Kill Race
    • 1 point per kill
    • Bonus for placement
  • 5 hour time limit
  • Best 5 games submitted

$50K Global Cash Grab prizing

As far as prizing goes, the $50K Cash Grab handed out cash prizes to the top five teams on the day. The top team received a hefty $25,000 and the fifth-place team was sent $1,000 for their services.

atl faze cash grab prizing

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