All CoD Vanguard Operators: Skins, bundles, prices, more

Brad Norton
Vanguard gameplay

No different from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War before it, CoD Vanguard features an ever-growing list of Operators for you to use across both multiplayer and Warzone. Here’s a complete rundown of every confirmed Operator along with all there is to know about them.

Operators are the lifeblood of online Call of Duty these days. No matter what mode you’re playing across either regular multiplayer or in Warzone, you’re always loading into a map as a specific character.

Everyone starts out with a default set of Operators but more can be unlocked in a number of different ways. From in-game challenges to premium bundles, there’s always a new way to acquire certain characters.

To keep track of everything in Activision’s latest titles, here’s a complete overview of every CoD Vanguard Operator and all there is to know about them.

All CoD Vanguard Operators confirmed for launch


CoD vanguard Operators
Hellhounds is the first unique Task Force led by Wade Jackson.

Lieutenant First Class Wade Jackson

Wade Jackson is another character central to Vanguard’s narrative. As an American pilot based on Vernon Mike Micheel, Jackson is known for his accuracy in the skies.

This Operator will be available on launch day across Vanguard’s multiplayer modes.

Jackson is also one of the first Operators in Vanguard with his own unique skin. Just by purchasing the Ultimate Edition and acquiring the Task Force One Pack, players will be able to swap skins for this particular Operator.

Vanguard gameplay
Jackson is the best pilot among the group of characters featured in Vanguard’s campaign.

Daniel Take Yatsu

Yatsu is another character set to feature prominently in the Vanguard storyline. This Operator made his debut in his very own intro trailer on October 26.

Guaranteed to be a day one Operator, Yatsu will be accessible right away in Vanguard’s multiplayer modes.

CoD Vanguard Yatsu character
Yatsu features prominently throughout Vanguard’s campaign.

Halima Zambardi

Little is known about this Operator for the time being, but we do know for certain the Italian Somalian character will be available on day one.

She features as part of the Hellhounds Task Force alongside Daniel Yatsu and Wade Jackson.


Vanguard Sentinel Task Force
Sentinel is a Task Force led by Arthur Kingsley.

Sergeant Arthur Kingsley

Kicking things off in the Vanguard-era of CoD is Sergeant Arthur Kingsley. As one of the first characters revealed for the 2021 release, Kingsley was the first Vanguard Operator made available. In fact, this Operator even launched ahead of Vanguard’s release date.

Players were able to grab the Kingsley Operator across Warzone, Cold War, and CoD Mobile from September onwards. This character will also be instantly accessible on day one with Vanguard.

As a protagonist in the campaign, Kingsley helps lead the Special Forces Squad as a British Paratrooper. The Operator is based on Sergeant Sidney Cornell.

CoD Vanguard Kingsley Operator
Kingsley is among the first Operators confirmed for Vanguard’s launch.

Padmavati Balan

Also revealed alongside Yatsu, Padmavati Balan is a natural leader that makes her presence known in the Vanguard campaign.

Players will be able to drop into Vanguard’s multiplayer modes with the Balan Operator skin from launch day on November 5.

Vanguard gameplay
Padmavati will be accessible at launch as a multiplayer Operator in Vanguard.

Constanze Trude Muller

Details on Trude Muller are scarce ahead of launch, though we know this character has defected from the German military.


CoD Vanguard Barbarian Task Force
Barbarian is a diverse Task Force led by Aussie Lucas Riggs.

Private Lucas Riggs

Next is Australian Operator Lucas Riggs. This character first appeared as a playable Operator in the CoD Vanguard Beta.

Riggs will likely be available on day one in Vanguard, potentially through in-game challenges or simply just unlocked by default when levelling up in multiplayer. We’ll update you here as soon as we know how to unlock the Riggs Operator.

Riggs is one of the first three Operators in Vanguard to receive a unique skin. For those who purchase the Ultimate Edition, the Task Force One Pack comes with a unique Operator Skin to equip for Lucas.

CoD Vanguard gameplay
Riggs is a key character in Vanguard’s narrative.

Roland Zeimet

Roland Zeimet is another Axis Defector that has his goals set on taking down the German forces. While little is known about this character for now, we’re sure to learn plenty about him in the weeks to come.

Beatrice Mercier

Mercier is a French resistance fighter in CoD Vanguard. Though we haven’t properly met this character yet, she doesn’t seem afraid of a fight based on our first look.


CoD Vanguard Task Force 5
Shadow is the final Task Force featured in Vanguard at launch.

Lieutenant Polina Petrova

Polina Petrova is another Operator from Vanguard’s campaign that will be accessible on day one. After a brief glimpse at the character in the Beta, players will be able to stick with Petrova moving forward across multiplayer modes.

As an expert sniper, Petrova is one of the more formidable foes on any map. Based on Lyudmila Pavlichenko, this figure built a reputation as “Lady Death” for having one of the sharpest shots in WWII.

Petrova is also one of just three launch day Operators in Vanguard with her own unique skin variant. Accessed through the Ultimate Edition, the Task Force One Pack comes with a special Operator Skin just for Petrova.

CoD Vanguard Petrova
Petrova is undeniably the best sniper out of Vanguard’s launch Operators.

Shigenori Ota

Ota is a defector from the Japanese Navy. While we don’t yet know how this character aligns with the Shadow Task Force, he appears ready to help the cause in taking down Axis forces.

Solange Hardewijk

Hardewijk is a Dutch Aruban Agent in CoD Vanguard. As you might expect based on her role, little is known about this secretive Operator for the time being.

Additional CoD Vanguard Operators

Sergeant Richard Webb

Richard Webb drops into Vanguard’s storyline as the right-hand man for Arthur Kingsley. These two are considered close friends but have their own approach to leadership in the heat of battle.

Webb will also be accessible as a multiplayer Operator at launch in Vanguard.

CoD Vanguard gameplay
Webb was one of the first Operators revealed for CoD Vanguard.

All CoD Vanguard Operators in Season 1

It’s still early days yet so there’s no telling which Operators might be featured in Vanguard’s Season 1 update. 

As per usual with new seasons in CoD, it’s fair to expect a small handful of new Operators in the latest Battle Pass. Most will likely be unlocked early into the Battle Pass with additional Operator Skins and variants unlocked later in the Battle Pass.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest Vanguard Operators right here as new details emerge.

CoD Vanguard cover art
New Vanguard Operators will be available with each seasonal update.

CoD Vanguard Operator Bundles

Just days out from Vanguard’s release, only one Operator Bundle has been confirmed.

The Task Force One Pack comes with three unique Operator skins for Riggs, Petrova, and Jackson. Each comes with its own original design fit for a distinct theater of war.

CoD Vanguard Task Force One Pack
The Task Force One Pack is only available though Vanguard’s Ultimate Edition.

Currently, the only way to access the Task Force One Pack is by purchasing the Ultimate Edition of Cod Vanguard. There’s no telling if this bundle will be available to purchase separately down the line.