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100 Thieves’ Octane explains why the team will no longer stream scrims

Published: 11/Nov/2018 22:07 Updated: 11/Nov/2018 22:08

by Virginia Glaze


A Reddit post by user agardner2017 claimed that esports team 100 Thieves are no longer streaming their practice matches for Call of Duty – which the user blamed on the team’s ‘toxic’ community.

Commentator Landon Sanders addressed the post on Twitter, asking 100 Thieves members to speak out on the issue.

Octane, a professional player for the team, explained that their decision to quit streaming scrims isn’t due to any perceived toxicity – rather, he claimed that it is due to ‘public perceptions’ about scrims, in general.

“It’s not about the ‘haters’ in chat,” Octane stated. “It’s the public perception about scrims. Any genuine discussion we attempt to have on stream becomes a Reddit thread or is just blown out of proportion because we’re losing. We’re in a lose-lose situation as a team at the moment.”

He followed up by claiming that practicing off stream allows for greater discussion and improvement ‘without interference,’ and that he will continue streaming ‘everything but scrims’ going forward.

Envy captain ACHES likewise commented on the topic, stating that no professional players should stream their scrims, calling CoD’s fanbase ‘entitled and spoiled.’

“No professional players should ever stream scrims,” ACHES wrote. “No other esport does it. CoD fans are entitled and spoiled in that aspect. It ruins the ideal that is practice. You shouldn’t have to filter what you would when producing content in a practice to get better.”

While some fans are taking issue with ACHES’s statement on the matter, it looks as if 100 Thieves are standing by their new policy on scrimmage streaming.

100 Thieves CEO and founder Nadeshot has yet to speak publicly on this development.

Call of Duty

How to get Flaming Pumpkin Head in Warzone & Modern Warfare

Published: 22/Oct/2020 10:14

by Jacob Hale


The Halloween Event in Modern Warfare & Warzone has brought in a whole bunch of new content for players to sink their teeth into — but one thing that players are chasing is the new Pumpkin Head and Flaming Pumpkin Head look.

As most uber-popular games do nowadays, Infinity Ward are capitalizing on the Halloween period with their own celebrations, including the Haunting in Verdansk Warzone event, new Operator packs with spooky skins and cosmetics and the Zombie Royale game mode.

With the new Trick or Treat rewards, you can also loot chests to find fun new blueprints, such as the Cleaver melee weapon that are exclusive to the Halloween event.

That said, the new Pumpkin Head style isn’t something you can pick up from the store or on your Battle Pass, and requires you to complete something in-game.

Leatherface Warzone
The Haunting of Verdansk event has brought iconic horror characters Leatherface and Jigsaw to Warzone.

Killstreak for Flaming Pumpkin head

The Pumpkin Head comes in two variants — either its regular version or, if you’re good enough, it sets alight too, letting you run around with a Flaming Pumpkin Head as you decimate enemies in the game.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not something you can equip. If you want to adorn the Pumpkin Head in multiplayer, you have to go on a 3 killstreak.

If you want to go one up and have a Flaming Pumpkin Head, though, you have to actually go on a 10 killstreak, which is significantly harder than 3, but makes the pumpkin ever more impressive. You will, however, lose it upon death.

Warzone pumpkin die on the vine
There are also a number of emblems, calling cards and more with the pumpkin for Halloween.

How to get the Pumpkin Head in Warzone

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t work the same in Warzone as it does in multiplayer. While many believe the pumpkin head can be earned through a 3 killstreak in Warzone, this isn’t actually true.

So far, it seems the only way to get the pumpkin head in Warzone is to pick up a juggernaut, which automatically comes with the head attached as standard during the Haunting of Verdansk event.

Of course, while players who come up against you and your lit pumpkin head will know that you’re evidently a good player, it does make you a lot easier to see, so beware as enemies make more of an effort to hunt you out and stop you from staying low-key, especially if you’re seeking even higher killstreaks.