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100 Thieves’ entire roster wiped out by a single Lightning Strike

Published: 9/Dec/2018 4:34 Updated: 9/Dec/2018 4:46

by Vincent Genova


Team Sween shocked 100 Thieves during pool play at CWL Vegas, sweeping them in convincing fashion.

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A major part of the series clinching Control match was the play of Sween’s Dylan, who earned a Lightning Strike scorestreak.

When he decided to call in the Lightning Strike, well, the clip speaks for itself.

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100T was trying to bounce back from the first round loss and held a slight 14-13 lead in the life counts of a what was an evenly matched round at that point.

Dylan’s strike quickly made it 13-9 in favor of Team Sween, who would not look back and wrapped up the convincing sweep of Control and the match. 


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Since the 5-piece happened off screen, here is another replay with a blown up mini-map to see where the strike hit 100T.

None of the 100T players moved for cover, perhaps assuming the strike was going to hit closer to their own spawn. Instead, it was dropped right on the capture point and the drastic swing of lives was too much for them to overcome.

100 Thieves has had a rough start to their Call of Duty return, losing to the open bracket Team Sween after getting blown out in Hardpoint by eUnited on Day 1.

To keep up with how the rest of the tournament fares for 100T and Team Sween, head over to Dexerto’s CWL Vegas Event Hub.