BallStreet Trading & Riot Games partner for TFT esports

Connor Bennett
Riot Game and BallStreet trading TFT esports

Iconic game developers Riot Games have partnered with BallStreet Trading for the North American portion of their TeamFight Tactics esports scene, with BallStreet hosting host free-to-play contests during events.

Predictions and fantasy sports have started to move into the esports scene in recent years. Platforms like Twitch have plugins for fans to predict certain scenarios in games, be it a player winning a round in CSGO or picking up a vital ability in League of Legends.

Riot Games have also been at the forefront of that, with their own fantasy experiences centered around LCS and other leagues.

Now, as their Teamfight Tactics scene begins to grow, the world-renowed game developers have partnered up with BallStreet trading and named them their Official Fantasy and Fan Engagement Partner for Teamfight Tactics North America Esports.

TFT Set 5 Reckoning Battle Pass
TeamFight Tactics esports events will be starting soon.

The multi-year partnership between the two was announced on April 23, with BallStreet bringing a “never-before-seen product” to the esports space through their trading platform.

The BallStreet platform will create a free-to-play real-time prediction market for fans to use and compete against each other during North American TFT events. Additionally, BallStreet will work with Riot and other parties to create rewards and prizes for viewers who tune into TFT events.

These events are currently slated to start in late May to early June, so it won’t be too long a wait for fans eager to put their TFT knowledge and fandom up against others.

Trading on BallStreet trading
BallStreet have been focused on traditional sports until now.

Speaking about the partnership, Scott San Emeterio, BallStreet CEO, said: “We are elated for the opportunity to work with Riot Games and offer a real-time competitive experience to fans of North American TFT esports. Our focus will be on understanding the TFT audience and making sure we are enhancing their viewing experience.

“Through BallStreet’s next-generation fantasy game, we hope to give competitive TFT fans an engaging platform where they can connect, compete, and win great prizes while watching live matches. We’re excited to help enhance the viewing experience of competitive TFT with a never-before-seen product in the space.”

Additionally, the BallStreet noted to the EsportsObserver that he hoped this would serve as a launching pad and before long, we might see BallStreet in other esport scenes.