Next Battlefield game’s story campaign possibly leaked in job listing

battlefield next game single-player campaignElectronic Arts

A job posting for the new EA studio Battlefield Seattle indicates the next Battlefield entry will include a single-player campaign.

The latest entry in EA’s flagship military shooter series, Battlefield 2042, launched without a story mode to the chagrin of long-time fans.

And, as most are well aware, myriad other issues beset the title following its release. From matchmaking troubles and technical woes to a dearth of content and changes to the franchise’s core formula, Battlefield 2042 left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

EA aims to right the course, though. For instance, series creator DICE recently underwent a few leadership changes, with Chief Executive Oscar Gabrielson retiring and former Ubisoft Annecy boss Rebeca Cootaz stepping up to bat.

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The publisher also established a new development house headed up by Halo Co-Creator Marcus Lehto, which will play an integral part in Battlefield’s future expansion.

Next Battlefield may boast a single-player campaign

battlefield next game single-player campaignBattlefield 2042 disappointed players with its lack of a story mode.

Battlefield-dedicated Twitter page Battlefield Bulletin recently took notice of a job listing that opened up for the Lehto-led Battlefield Seattle group in February.

The listing in question calls for a Design Director, someone capable of embracing the “core tenets of the Battlefield franchise.” Notably, the Design Director will assume the responsibility of ensuring these pillars are woven into a “masterfully designed single-player campaign.”

It would seem, then, that Battlefield’s next installment will include a story mode, unlike the widely-panned 2021 entry.

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Electronic Arts and its development studios remain silent about where the series will head next. At the very least, it appears the publisher recognizes the value of a Battlefield single-player campaign.

While recent reports claim otherwise, EA and DICE insist Battlefield 2042 remains a top priority.

Such a committment includes addressing player feedback and holding firm to the promise of extensive post-launch support.