Baldur’s Gate 3 players can’t get enough of these unintentionally hilarious moments

Abigail Shannon
Baldur's Gate 3 character in clown makeup with Emperor in romance sceneu/calculovetor Larian Studios

While there are plenty of funny scenes in its script, these coincidental Baldur’s Gate 3 moments really had players cracking up.

The story of Baldur’s Gate 3 captures a wide spectrum of emotion. From the thrill of combat, to the heartbreak of loss, to the sweetness of budding romance — you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel all the feels.

However, things aren’t always so high-stakes. It’s common for companions to come out with goofy and lighthearted quips in their downtime. Not to mention, there are plenty of bizarre NPC encounters to come across during your journey in Faerûn.

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While the folks at Larian certainly have a sense of humor, sometimes Baldur’s Gate 3 tickles players’ funny bones without ever meaning to. Whether through a bug or a just perfectly-timed cutscene, some of the game’s moments are unintentionally hilarious.

Players crack up at accidentally hilarious BG3 moments

On r/BaldursGate3, a player shared an example of an inadvertently funny scene that triggered while they tried to defend Isobel at the Last Light Inn in Act 2.

While Isobel thankfully sidestepped death, the massive amounts of damage she sustained left her “severely raccoon-eyed”. The beating left Isobel with such distracting marks that the player struggled to take anything she said seriously.

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A part of Shadowheart’s dialogue that triggers in the Shadow-Cursed Lands similarly amused one of the commenters: “‘I’m not affected by the curse! Shar must love me!’ Babe, you have the Blood of Lathander equipped.” While devs might not have thought to disable this line, her resulting obliviousness to the effects of the weapon does just come across as some in-character religious fervor.

Another player found that polymorphing Cazador into a sheep before his big fight added some excellent irony to his delivery of “I will not speak to cattle, boy!” They said that when said by “Baazador”, this cruel piece of dialogue is transformed into “the best line out there”.

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One rib-tickling scenario that many players have come across is having a romance scene trigger while their character is wearing the clown makeup they applied at the Carnival in Act 3.

As their gaudy get-up stayed on even after their long rest, players had to witness scenes of juggalo-tinged intimacy. Definitely a mood killer. Or not? I’m not judging.