AC Infinity’s rumored Japan setting stars a ninja to differ from Ghost of Tsushima

Brianna Reeves
assassin's creed infinity Japan ninja rumor

Journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb claims the alleged Japan setting in Assassin’s Creed Infinity will focus on a ninja to differentiate the experience from Ghost of Tsushima.

Thus far, Ubisoft has only confirmed AC Infinity’s existence, previously telling the public it serves as a cross-studio effort between series creator Ubisoft Montréal and the Quebec team.

Unsubstantiated reports suggest the game will offer modular experiences, whereby players jump between different settings and protagonists.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb outed a supposed Japan setting for AC Infinity some weeks ago. Insider Tom Henderson has since corroborated the rumor, insisting Infinity’s Japan section bears the codename of Project Red.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity’s Japan setting goes the way of the ninja

In the August 15 episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb acknowledged Henderson’s comment, then stated he, too, has heard Infinity’s Japan module referred to as Project Red.

Grubb added that Ubisoft intends to differentiate its efforts from Sucker Punch’s acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima, which starred a Samurai – Jin Sakai.

In so doing, the supposed Assassin’s Creed Infinity adventure will revolve around a ninja character. Talk of Assassin’s Creed begins around the 1:07:10 mark in the video linked here.

Should Grubb’s claims prove accurate, it’s interesting that Ubisoft would choose a ninja protagonist in an attempt to avoid stepping on Sony’s toes.

assassin's creed infinity Japan rumor
Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai.

Jin spends much of Ghost of Tsushima shirking the Samurai way to instead adopt ninja-style stealth tactics. But it’s possible the lead in Assassin’s Creed Infinity’s Japan locale will represent a ninja through and through.

Grubb also said that Ubisoft’s September 2022 presentation may reveal a second AC Infinity setting, which will be an era of history that players least expect.

Notably, the September Ubisoft Forward may also finally feature an Assassin’s Creed Rift reveal. This particular title is supposedly next in line for a release, with AC Valhalla’s Basim reportedly set to star.