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Where to find Apex Legends’ guaranteed gold guns on Kings Canyon

Published: 1/Sep/2020 14:51

by Connor Bennett


There are plenty of ways to get top tier loot in Apex Legends, but if you want to go for a kills record, you’ll need powerful weapons off the jump. So, here’s how you can get some guaranteed gold guns. 

When you drop into a game of Apex Legends, be it on Kings Canyon or World’s Edge, the battle royale will point out some areas that will give you helping hand.

You can land at the high tier loot zones that are indicated with a glowing blue circle, the dropships, and even near the new crafting replicators. Though, there’s nothing quite like getting a fully upgraded version of a powerful gun right away. 

You don’t even need the luck to be on your side to find one of these as well, because when you’re playing on Kings Canyon, they’re placed into guaranteed spots at the start of each game. 

A vault in Apex LegendsThe vaults are scattered around Kings Canyon.

Gold weapon bunkers in Apex Legends Season 6

That’s right, we’re talking about the four bunkers that are spread across Apex’s original map. You used to be able to get guaranteed gold equipment like knockdown shields and backpacks inside, but now they harbor weapons. 

These include fully kitted out versions of the Devotion LMG, VK-47 Flatline, Triple Take sniper rifle, and the Mastiff Shotgun. 

They’re four powerful weapons in their own right – especially the Devo and Flatline – but grab their gold versions from the different bunkers and, at the end of the day, you should really end up as an Apex Champion. 

  • Gold Flatline – Bunker at Slum Lakes
  • Gold Devotion LMG – Bunker at Broken Coast South
  • Gold Triple Take – Bunker between Capacitor and Artillery
  • Gold Mastiff – Bunker between Market and Repulsor
Map of the vaults and gold weapons in Apex Legends
Reddit: BluePatience
The gold weapons are located in the vaults.

Of course, given that these weapons are always in these spots, don’t expect to grab them for free. You will face competition, especially at the ones that are more accessible than Broken Coast South. 

However, given how strong the Devotion is, this bunker is definitely one you’ll want to keep in mind if it’s possible to reach it.

As Apex Legends Season 6 rolls on, Respawn could shake up the loot and put different things, and if they do so, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, though, happy bunker hunting!

Apex Legends

Smart Apex Legends trick gives Horizon OP movement speed

Published: 17/Nov/2020 11:47

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got an interesting use for Horizon’s Gravity Lift tactical ability that could help her become a pain to deal with in tight spaces.

After all the rumors and speculation about Valk, Horizon joined the Apex Legends party with the start of Season 7, giving players the chance to tweak their playstyle thanks to her abilities. 

Her ultimate, the Black Hole is the star of the show as it gives Horizon and her teammates the chance to suck enemies towards them with a mini black hole, resulting in free damage and kills as the enemies struggle to crawl away from it. 

As for Horizon’s tactical, the Gravity Lift, it might bear a resemblance to Octane’s launch pad – given that you can use it to jump to higher spots. However, it might be more powerful if you need to outplay an enemy while in a tight space.

Respawn Entertainment
Season 7 also introduced Horizon to the roster of Legends in the game.

As Reddit user loseryeet shows, instead of using the Gravity Lift to propel yourself to another spot, it’s actually better to use the air strafe speed boost that you get from it to outplay an opponent. 

If you toss the Gravity Lift down under, say one of the floating homes at Estates or Gardens, you can simply use the floor above you to control your movement instead of blasting off into the sky. 

It might be a quite situational tip, given that you’d need to be in a part of the map where your head can pretty much hit a roof of a floor, but the speed boost you get – as seen in loseryeet’s video – is pretty great and can leave your opponents bamboozled. 

Quite niche, but trap yourself under a building with horizons tactical for insane strafe speeds from apexuniversity

As situational as it is, you will still need to have some solid movement skills in your back pocket, otherwise, you’ll go flying off to one side and give your enemy a chance to win the gunfight. 

If you manage to master the situational tip, you’ll definitely get a leg up on some foes, plus, you’ll be able to look out for it if someone tries to use it against you.