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Unusual Apex Legends disconnect bug is completely ruining games

Published: 8/Aug/2020 11:48 Updated: 8/Aug/2020 12:04

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends players have found an unusual bug that is ruining matches through randomly disconnecting them from the game.

With the launch of Season 6 fast approaching, Apex fans will look to play their last games before the battle royale title receives some major changes, with a new Legend, Rampart, confirmed to be on the way.


However, a strange bug has now been found which is disconnecting players at random and ruining their chances at picking up their final wins in Season 5.

disconnection screen in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
A bug has been found which is randomly disconnecting Apex Legends players from their games.

Random disconnect bug in Apex Legends

Earning the title of ‘Champion’ can be challenging for even the best Apex Legends players but this bug is making it nearly impossible to stay alive.


One Apex fan u/the_meme_player shared a clip of this bizarre glitch happening to them, revealing that they were instantly sent back to the lobby after taking some damage.

“[The] game randomly kicks me back to the lobby?” they added, pointing out that there did not seem to be any lag beforehand and that they could not rejoin.

Game randomly kicks me back to the lobby?? from apexlegends

The player had just used Wraith’s ‘Into the Void’ ability when it happened but it is unknown whether or not the character’s skills were the reason for the bug.


Respawn has added a new reconnect feature in Season 5, however, as your character remains in the same state as you left them, it does not help much when it happens mid-gunfight.

As of now, it is still unclear just what is causing this game-breaking bug and many fans have called for Respawn to add a fix.

The Apex Legends devs have yet to respond to this glitch but you can check out our guide to solve lag or connection errors here.

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Apex Legends leaks reveal ‘Arena’ game mode finally on the way

Published: 15/Oct/2020 2:48 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 2:49

by Isaac McIntyre


Respawn could finally be adding a new “Arena” game mode to Apex Legends as soon as Season 7, according to new datamined code added to the backend of the battle royale’s main menu in the recent Aftermarket update.

The datamined code in question details a new “Arena” mode, accessible through the Apex Legends main menu. These code strings, shared by Shrugtal on Oct. 13, seem to be linked to the battle royale’s playlist UI (user interface) in the loading lobby.


“Code was added with the 6.1 patch to support UI slots on the “Play” Menu for a new “Arena” mode,” Shrugtal confirmed.

Right now, the string for “arenas_mode” is set to “false,” suggesting at some point in the future that option will be flicked on. There’s also an “if(DEV)” string in there too; meaning playtesters may already have their hands on the new mode.


The question we’re left with in regards to the “Arena” mode is; what is it?

Shrugtal seems to offer up a few answers, which we here at Dexerto are inclined to agree with. If Apex Legends really is adding a ‘Team Deathmatch’ style playlist, it won’t be exactly like the Titanfall 2 playlists of old, we can assume.

Instead, it may be some variant of the new Flashpoint limited-time mode which debuted in the Aftermarket update.


Shrugtal theorized⁠—and we should mention these were just suggestions, not more leaks⁠—it could be a “smaller squads mode”. It may also have some “Flashpoint-style healing” thrown into the “Arena” mix as well, to replace respawn stations.

The new Apex Legends 'Flashpoint' mode could be a percussor to the "Arena" playlist.
Respawn Entertainment
The new Apex Legends ‘Flashpoint’ mode could be a precursor to the “Arena” playlist.

Skulltown to return in “Arena” playlist?

If Apex Legends really is adding an “Arena” playlist in the next few seasons, the battle royale is going to, of course, need some smaller maps to host the game mode on.

One perfect option is Skulltown, which the developers have admitted they do want to bring back in one form or another. The tight street area would be perfect for a fast-paced, smaller squads-focused Arena game mode, if Respawn went that way.


Other good areas from across Kings Canyon and World’s Edge include Capitol City, which was destroyed in Season 4, or Apex’s ever-popular Sorting Factory. Slum Lakes, Market, The Train Yard, and more are also solid options for smaller maps.

Skull Town would make a perfect "Arena" map in Apex Legends.
Respawn Entertainment
Skull Town would make a perfect “Arena” map in Apex Legends.

Considering this leak is only a small main menu UI update, however, there’s no clues to what the potential “Arena” game mode may actually look like. Right now, we’ll have to wait and see!


As for when it could be released, that’s got a big question mark slapped on it, for now. It’s still in testing, so Season 7 is the earliest it could arrive. Season 8 may even be a more realistic prediction though, considering development time.

For now, sit tight Apex Legends fans; an “Arena” mode is finally on the way!