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TSM Albralelie responds to hate for ‘quitting’ Liquid to join Cloud9 Apex Legends

Published: 26/Jun/2021 11:23

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends star Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith hit back at some of the hate he’s been getting for ‘quitting’ on Team Liquid, seemingly retiring from competition, and then joining Cloud9’s roster.

There have been a handful of stars to come out of the burgeoning Apex Legends esports scene, including Albralelie who has become synonymous with highlight plays on Octane.

The 20-year-old sprung to stardom as a part of TSM’s talented roster, before being dropped, and over the last few months, he’s found himself dipping in and out of competitive action.

He left TSM’s roster to pursue Valorant, but returned to the org as a content creator. He jumped back into competitive play as a stand-in for Team Liquid but ultimately left the roster, with some fans believing he flat-out quit on the team.


TSM Apex Legends roster with medals after event
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Albralelie and the TSM squad have been quite succesful in Apex.

Now, Albralelie is returning to action once again as a part of Cloud9’s stacked squad, and has come under fire for returning to play not long after it seemed like he was retiring for good. Cloud9 has also faced criticism for dropping Knoqd, despite a stellar performance at the ALGS Championship.

However, Albralelie has quickly responded to the criticism directed his way.

“For the sake of clearing my name as a quitter because I hate how the general community has labeled me as someone that “retires and comes back.” The first time I quit, was not my choice,” Beckwith tweeted shortly after the move.” Hal and Jordan made that decision for me because I wasn’t enjoying the game. I was dropped.”


The Octane main followed that up saying he’s not someone who “freely quits” and that his exit from Liquid was the first time he’d actually quit on his accord instead of being pushed.

He wasn’t finished there, though, noting that the backlash has given him motivation now. “Expect nothing but the best from me with the c9 boys, a fire has been lit under my ass and I’m shooting for nothing but the top to prove all the mouth-breathing s**t talkers wrong,” he added.

“We should’ve been honest with you guys off the rip, but honestly I was ashamed of getting dropped. Now I don’t care anymore, all I care about is winning which I WILL do regardless of what roster I’m on.”


Beckwith promised fans that they’d see a “different attitude and player” once he returns to action.

They’ll be eager to see how the Cloud9 roster works now with him as a part of it and if he can deliver on his promise of success.

Meanwhile, fans are still sympathetic to Knoqd, who it seems is now in search of a new team.