Apex Legends

Simple changes to abilities in Apex Legends make fights easier

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community is requesting simple color swaps to a few characters’ abilities that would help players distinguish them in firefights.

Since the game’s launch, players have sometimes run into an issue where missiles from Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimates can get mixed up with the enemy’s attacks.

Even though there are distinct voice lines or other queues that clues people about certain abilities being used, it can get difficult to track when there are multiple explosions and effects happening on the screen.

Respawn Entertainment
Sometimes a slight change of color to abilities can make help avoid big mistakes.


That’s why various players are in agreement that Respawn should implement a change of color to multiple abilities that would let people easily distinguish if an attack is friendly or not.

A simple mockup by Reddit user ‘goodboiluke’ shows how simple a change the improvements can be.

When Gibby throws his beacon for the Defensive Bombardment or when Bangalore calls in her Rolling Thunder, a slightly purple hue can make it clear if a friendly ult is used.


“Audio cues are there but sometimes in the heat of the moment you can easily miss them,” one user said about the proposed changes. “This would be a good thing. Good thinking.”

The ideas would be an overall quality of life improvement for the game that could also be applied to other abilities that have been giving players similar problems.

Reddit user ‘SAS97x’ was perplexed to see that Respawn still hadn’t changed Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps to make it harder for teams to unintentionally run into an enemy’s barrel.


“Why has this simple but genius idea not been implemented?” SAS97x said. “Being in a fight with two Caustics, one on your team and one on the enemy team, is super annoying because all the traps look exactly the same.”

The change would primarily consist of a green base for friendly Gas Traps, while an enemy’s would stay as is with a red bottom.

While the Respawn is at it, they could also change the color of the Nox Gas from the color of normal smoke when Bloodhound uses their ultimate Beast of the Hunt.

Without the changes, team fights could continue to be marred by the confusion these abilities can cause throughout the Apex Games.