Apex Legends

One Apex Legends cargo bot always drops a vault key – How to get it

by David Purcell


Loot vaults are home to some of the rarest gear in Apex Legends and we've found a way to enter them every single game, with one particular cargo bot appearing to always drop a key.

The general rule for collecting a vault key in Season 4 is to shoot down a red cargo bot, which can be seen flying around in the sky at numerous locations in World's Edge, but they're pretty rare and not usually very easy to find.

That's until you start using this really handy trick that not everybody will know about just yet. Let's take a look at how to get a guaranteed vault key in Apex Legends.

Loot vault in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Opening vaults doesn't usually happen every game, but that looks to have changed.


How to guarantee yourself a vault key in Apex Legends

First of all, you're going to have to drop right down to one of the most popular locations on the West side of the map, Mirage Voyage. You may notice that a few of the typical cargo bots are flying around the area, as they usually are, but it's not actually one of those that you need to focus your attention on. Not for the guaranteed key, at least.

There's a fixed ball, which are usually carried overhead by bots, on the top floor of the Mirage Voyage ship. It can be found in the middle room, where there are usually a number of Mirage holograms running around, being used as a disco ball.

For those thinking that this may be a one-off, we have tried this repeatedly and it has genuinely never failed. Our video guide can be seen below.


Open up the vault

Once you have scouted it out, simply fire at it until it drops to the ground, break it open and you should find the key – along with some other items – inside. Now that you are carrying the loot vault key, all you have to do is find one.

Simply walk up to the door, slot the key inside and open up the vault. Inside there are no weapons, but you will be met with a number of rare purple and gold items or weapon attachments, which are really useful to have in any game.

Respawn Entertainment
Grab as much loot as you can once the vault is opened up.


Where to find loot vaults in Apex Legends

We have previously written a guide, which includes all loot vault locations in Season 4, and that should be really useful in your search for rare loot. The quicker you get the key, grab a weapon and make your way to a vault, the better.

There's no way of knowing whether or not the odds of finding one from this disco ball will shift as Season 4 goes on, but as of the time of writing, it appears to be working each time it's tried.

As more and more people become aware of the trick, though, do expect even more players to be landing at Mirage Voyage in search of that elusive key.