Apex Legends

SypherPK baffled by Apex Legends bug that cancels Revenant's Ultimate

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan was baffled to see an Apex Legends bug in action that instantly deleted Revenant’s Death Totem out of nowhere.

The glitch seems to be a clipping issue with nearby terrain that makes the Synthetic Nightmare’s ultimate ability disappear as soon as it’s placed, making it impossible for players to access the totem’s reviving abilities.

While it seems to work normally in most instances, there are types of geography and terrain near buildings that seem to be the most prevalent spots for the bug to reappear – costing players a crucial ultimate.

Respawn Entertainment
It seems like there's a couple of instances that will negate Revenant’s Death Totem.


Sypher seems to have come across that issue during his foray into Season 4 when his team was getting pushed by an incoming squad.

The streamer ran for cover to set up his ult to give his teammates a second chance at life in case the first attack didn’t pan out.

Moving as far in cover as he could place the Death Totem down, SypherPK was confused to see that the ultimate ability didn’t even have a chance to appear on the map.


Looking at the clip, it seems like he placed it on the ground just below the metal walkway of the mobile unit right next to him.

That probably caused some issues for the totem to expand upward and reveal itself on the map. Even walking around to see under the metal flooring, Sypher and his team couldn’t see any trace of the ult.

More players have been talking about the issue as they’ve come across it, and the lead up to the bug seems to be similar to the streamer's clip.

SypherPK Twitch
It seems like the Death Totem was placed barely under the metal walkway.


“[The bug just] happened to me mid-game,” one user wrote. “Lost a fight cause my squad and I couldn’t deploy the shadowy bois.”

Revenant’s ult can easily make or break a fight, so players should be aware that placing it near some kind of obstruction or sketchy terrain could influence that totem.

Until Respawn can implement a fix to the issue, it’s best to spawn the Death Totem in a clear and even patch of land to make sure nothing goes wrong with it.