Apex Legends players are still asking for simple inventory overhaul

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Apex Legends players are still eager to see Respawn Entertainment make a pretty big shift with the inventory system, as they want to start with backpacks. 

While the abilities and different legend compositions play a key part in picking up a win in Apex Legends, you still need the luck to go your way when it comes to looting.

If you get off to a poor start with the loot, you’ll more than likely be heading back to the main menu to start things all over again. As a result, players have regularly pleaded with Respawn Entertainment to make some changes to the starter kits that you drop in with.

Many players want to see helmets and backpacks follow the Evo-Shield method of leveling up as you do damage, while plenty of others just want to be able to drop in with a backpack rather than needing to find one.

Apex Legends Evo Shields
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn is constantly tweaking Apex Legends based on player feedback, like in the case of making Evo Shields a permanent feature.

Adding a backpack to the starter kit has been a regular bone of contention for some players as they’ve constantly complained about being unable to find even the lowest level backpacks.

As a result, Redditor Johnny_Tapia once again urged Respawn to make the switch. “Quite often you see 1-6 white backpacks in one small area. Sometimes 2 in one bin, sometimes – one in each bin around you and that’s pretty bad,” they said. “On the other hand – sometimes you land and look for a backpack for 5 minutes, like wth?”

Plenty of players threw their weight behind the calls too, though, some stated Respawn should just buff the number of items you carry without a backpack. “Just get rid of bags and increase base inventory,” said one. “White bags and all that should get removed to free up the loot pool a bit,” added another.

Naturally, some players disagreed with the calls for change, suggesting that things are fine as they are. Though, some did join the calls to shake up the loot pool a bit.

As it’s a popular request, it’s something that Respawn have likely considered, but who knows if they’ll ever make the change. It would be a pretty big one after all.

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