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Simple Apex Legends change would save Wattson’s “ugly” heirloom

Published: 7/Dec/2021 23:20

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players want to give Wattson’s Energy Reader a change that would save it from being the “ugliest” heirloom to the best skin in the game by incorporating classic FPS, Doom.

Wattson mains have been waiting since Season 2 for the Static Defender to finally get a special heirloom set for herself. Their wish finally came true during Season 11’s Raiders Collection Event but it wasn’t what they hoped for.

The Apex community has been retooling the Wattson skin in a way that they think would be a marked improvement on the official release.

A general concept idea by user ‘mokeysniper’ would take out the Nessie Tamagotchi in the heirloom and replace it with the id Software’s Doom.


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Respawn Entertainment
Wattson finally has an heirloom but Apex Legends players have been critical about its design,

Doom on Wattson’s heirloom

The obscurity of Wattson’s melee device and community sentiment to update it in a way led the popular Apex YouTuber to whip up a concept that was equally amusing as it is peculiar.

“Is that… is she playing freaking Doom on her Heirloom,” they quipped. More Apex players joined the conversation and agreed that a left-field add-on like this would be fun.

“Best way to pass the time when you can’t find people in pubs,” another player joked. “Play a game on your heirloom! Would make it more worthwhile [not going to lie].”

Of course, licensing issues would strain any attempt by Respawn to integrate Doom into Apex but it’s a charming idea to revel in.


Is that…is she playing freaking Doom on her Heirloom ?? from apexlegends

Can Wattson’s heirloom run Doom?

We’ve seen Doom played on everything from a refrigerator to attempts on pregnancy tests so it should be possible for a brilliant engineer like Wattson to run it on her Energy Reader.

The idea of putting the 1993 hit title on her heirloom follows an internet tradition of trying to play Doom on every device possible.

While it’s not likely that Respawn would move on an idea like this, we can imagine a dedicated Apex Legends fan recreating Wattson’s heirloom just to upload a fully-playable version of the game on it.