Simple Apex Legends change would make Caustic a teamfighting menace

Caustic in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A simple Caustic change could completely revolutionize the big guy’s teamfighting ability and maybe even elevate him to the top of the Apex Legends meta. 

Caustic is one of the most iconic Legends in the game. His poison-based kit has always made him stand out from the rest of the roster, but it has also largely limited him to being a defensive machine that excels on taking his fights away from his team.

While that might have been enough in the early days of Apex, some fans think the game has changed too much for this to be viable and are calling for a small change that would do wonders for his ability to play near his team.

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Simple Caustic update would revolutionize his potential

Caustic trapRespawn Entertainment
Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps are his signature ability and with one change, they could be more powerful than ever before.

It has always been tricky for Caustic’s teammates to fight around his barrels. There’s no obvious way to tell if a specific trap id friendly or not without pinging it, which can be a real pain when trying to survive a hectic situation.

This proposed fix would make it vastly easier to navigate a teamfight by clearly marking friendly barrels with a blue strip while allowing enemy Nox Gas to hold onto the menacing red shade that they’ve had since the Toxic Trapper arrived in the Apex Games.

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While it might not seem like a huge change, giving a team peace of mind to push in and out of gas that doesn’t hurt them in any way other clouding their vision could completely shake up the pace of any individual combat.

As it stands now, many players will avoid going near a barrel at all or will mistakenly shoot at friendly barrels to set them off prematurely, which not only weakens the team’s defenses but also wastes time and reduces a the friendly scientist’s impact on the game as a whole.

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Being able to safely combine abilities like Ash’s ultimate or a Wraith portal with the gas would give everyone more freedom to make aggressive plays and use the smoke to their advantage without worrying about whether they’re rushing into their demise, meaning Caustic’s pickrate would likely climb as a result.

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