Shroud stunned after Apex streamer’s winning flick: “is he legit?”

Michael Gwilliam

Apex Legends player Bowen ‘Monsoon’ Fuller was briefly accused of cheating by Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek after he took out the Polish-Canadian and the remaining players with crazy shots.

With most multiplayer games, there is bound to be cheaters using aimbots or wall hacks. While Apex Legends is no different, sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between cheating and a potential amazing play. 

Late into a match on August 14, Monsoon managed to score a couple of frags bringing the total number of players left down to three, including Shroud. 

Twitch/ShroudShroud accused Monsoon of cheating in Apex

“Alright, I’ve got three shots left dude,” Monsoon said before entering a building, knowing he would need to make them count.

After running a bit farther ahead and jumping to see if anyone was below him, Shroud jumps down and it was a race to see who can shoot the other first.

Once Shroud was taken out, Monsoon started to dance on his Twitch stream. Meanwhile, over on Shroud’s broadcast, he couldn’t believe he lost. “Oooh!” Shroud exclaimed.

“Well hot damn. Okay. Shit, son,” he added before spectating Monsoon as he landed the final kill to win the match. “He’s got 12 frags! Oh, he’s cheating!” 

Monsoon’s reaction to winning, however, was fantastic with the 21-year-old popping off and running around his room. “I’m the best player!” he screamed. 

Shroud, on the other hand was shocked. “Or is he just real good?” he pondered. “Wait, is he insane?” 


“Was he walling? How did he know he was there? What’s going on? …Was that guy legit?” 

The confused streamer continued, “He looked at that guy through the wall and then hit him with a flick. That flick is possible. That is definitely doable flick. That’s not the problem. Was that legit?!” 

You know you’re on top of your game when you get accused of cheating by one of the best to ever play an FPS game. To Shroud’s credit though, while he did believe Monsoon could have been cheating, he wasn’t completely positive and admired his skill if it was legitimate.

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