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Shroud reveals why Season 5 makes him want to return to Apex Legends

Published: 11/May/2020 12:45

by Joe Craven


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed why he’s excited to get his hands on Apex Legends Season 5 and its multiple new features. 

One of the major strengths of the former CS:GO pro that sets him apart from a host of streamers is a versatility and ability to dominate multiple titles at once. Despite not being a professional player in any game since Counter-Strike, he has demonstrated an unprecedented adeptness at multiple titles, including Respawn’s Apex Legends.

Following its release back in early 2019, shroud spent a lot of time playing the Titanfall-inspired battle royale. He has not spent too much time with it recently but, going off his comments in response to Loba’s official gameplay trailer, he’ll be back playing it soon.


Loba in Apex Legends trailer aiming
Respawn Entertainment
Loba is the new legend being added for Season 5.

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In a recent Mixer stream, Shroud seemed intrigued by the game’s new Quests and Treasure Packs, as well as responding positively to the new Ultimate-charging feature. In the trailer, Gibraltar can be seen earning his ‘Defensive Bombardment’, a change shroud appeared to enjoy.

“Damn, he got his ultimate from that? That’s cool,” he exclaimed. In response to Loba’s finisher, the Mixer streamer said: “That’s a cool finisher. That was cool. It actually looks kinda dope, not gonna lie. That actually looks kinda dope. It’s in 4 days? I think I’ll play it.”


Topic starts at 0:40 – 

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While most of shroud’s recent streaming has been on Valorant, it sound like he’ll be making a return to World’s Edge.

“Is this Skulltown?” he asked, curious about the map changes teased in the Season 5 trailers. “It’s weird looking at it from this angle… this actually looks pretty cool. You have this thing right here that gives your ult. This is an ult charge thing – that’s pretty cool.”

Season 5’s launch has been geared around shaking up Apex’s established formula and introducing new features for players to dive into. Shroud appears to be excited by a number of the new changes, namely Loba and the new Ultimate-charging devices, indicating we’ll see him back on Apex when Season 5 drops on May 12. How long he remains on the game, is another thing altogether.