Respawn finally respond to Apex Legends ‘visual clutter’ issues

Horizon aiming down sightRespawn Entertainment

Developers Respawn Entertainment have responded to ‘visual clutter’ complaints in Apex Legends Season 11, with players protesting that enemies can be incredibly hard to decipher. 

Plenty of Apex Legends players have grown accustomed to the game’s unique visual style and graphics. A colorful and vibrant environment is complemented by diverse characters and a wealth of unique POIs.

However, now in its eleventh season, players are calling on developers Respawn to adjust certain parts of the HUD and visual indicators to make the game better to play.

Currently, players are given fairly significant indicators on screen when they are being hit, on top of an already busy HUD. These indicators come in the form of colourful patterns at the edges of player’s screens, reflective of armor being damaged.

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Apex Visual ClutterThe damage indicators can make visibility a problem.

The graphics, paired with minimap, kill feed, and more, have led players to complain about ‘visual clutter’ making Apex more difficult to play.

TSM content creator Albralelie asked Respawn’s John ‘JayBiebs’ Larsen: “Thoughts on settings regarding visual clarity? Honestly you can leave aim assist alone if we can just see what we’re shooting at.”

Replying, developer Josh Medina said: “I brought this up to people this week to discuss in the near future what we can do using the reference shots provided [in] a thread from this week.”

While he did not commit to changes coming, Respawn’s response will be welcomed by players who want a less busy screen whilst playing, or simply customization options to reduce some of the clutter that makes playing difficult at times.

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Albralelie, for example, suggested “being able to turn off things like particle effects on snow/bullet impacts on walls.”

The change would probably take some time to implement, but Respawn sound refreshingly willing to listen to player feedback on the topic.

For now, players can look forward to Season 12, which will undoubtedly bring new content and some other quality of life changes.