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Respawn dev explains Rampart’s weakness ahead of Apex Legends Season 6

Published: 16/Aug/2020 23:34

by Bill Cooney


Rampart will be the newest character joining Apex Legends when Season 6 starts up, and Respawn devs themselves have already given us a strategy to deal with her.

The kit and abilities of the newest Apex Legend were revealed on August 16, giving us an idea of what Rampart will bring to the game.

Her abilities will lock down an area with pieces of buildable cover which is sure to make Rampart a more defensive-minded character, if you couldn’t tell by her name.

During a recent AMA though, Respawn Designer Daniel Klein gave players a great way to deal with all the fortifications Rampart will be throwing up when she arrives in Season 6.


The new Apex Legend leaks have confirmed Rampart will be a defensive Legend.
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has confirmed Rampart will be a defensive Legend.

Instead of attacking her constructions head-on, the first course of action that most Apex players would probably try out, Klein suggests softening things up first with grenades.

“Grenades are truly the bane of Rampart’s existence,” Klein said. “If a Rampart’s fortified with walls and her HMG, just throw a few nades her way and she’s gonna have to go and rebuild somewhere else.”

Spamming grenade after grenade might not be the end-all, be-all solution though, as the designer also threw in a suggestion for which character could pair well with the new legend. “Now Rampart + Wattson, that might be a scary combo…”


Wattson’s electric fences paired with Rampart’s abilities would certainly make for a tough challenge for any player to take on during a match. Something to definitely keep in mind the next time you’re playing with a cooperative teammate.

Crypto’s Drone apparently is a danger to her abilities as well though, disabling or destroying Rampart’s fortifications as it does other abilities, making him a natural counter to her straight out of the gate.

As for when we’ll actually get to play Rampart – she’s set to make her first appearance when Season 6 kicks off, courtesy of returning Titanfall 2 antagonist Kuben Blisk, on August 18.