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Apex Legends pro calls for Respawn to rework ‘useless’ white loot

Published: 26/Mar/2020 2:57 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 9:21

by Isaac McIntyre


Apex Legends pro Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore has called for Respawn to rework Apex Legends’ “horrible” common weapon and loot drops found around King’s Canyon, and suggested the game can only be improved by deleting them.

Every Apex player has been in the same situation at one time or another. You drop into a high tier loot zone, and scoop up white armor and an RE-45 with no attachments. Meanwhile, your enemy scored rare armor and a kitted out R-99.

You, of course, lose the ensuing firefight. You’re dumped from the match. Your opponent had better recoil from the attachments they found, and 50 more HP too. But what if you’d landed in King’s Canyon armed with armor and gear already?


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According to Cloud9 star PVPX, that’s the main change Respawn needs to implement in the battle royale. Do away with common guns and gear⁠— which makes up 12.5% of Apex loot ⁠— and make them starter items instead.

He’s suggested that switch to the Respawn devs. Dump the “unnecessary” glut of weak loot options scattered across World’s Edge and King’s Canyon.  In doing so, early-game gear would become “more efficient… and effective.”

Evo Shields have been made permanent in Apex Legends and now PVPX wants them changed again
Respawn Entertainment
PVPX’s suggested changes would see Evo Shields changed into stronger versions for “more balance.”

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“Remove all white items by making them default to their respective guns, and [make players] spawn in with a white helmet, backpack, knockdown shield, and evo shield. Remove white armors and increase EVO shield to 50HP,” he said.


The reasoning behind PVPX’s bold call? There are 88 lootable items in Apex right now, including 11 white player and gun attachments. With the common armor vs epic armor issue out of the game, everything will be “more balanced.”

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The C9 pro continued: “White items ⁠— gear and gun attachments ⁠— takes up roughly 20% of the loot table and isn’t really necessary in the first place.”

“In my opinion, Apex could gain [a few] things: fluidity in quicker gameplay and more efficient looting… [and] a bit more balance since blue vs purple is only a 25HP difference, and blue vs purple attachments isn’t as drastic as whites vs purples.”


He also added this change would help both “aggressive” and “passive” teams. “Squads who fight off drop have a chance to buff their armors to high tiers, [and] teams who play passive can loot higher tier armors instead.”

The real question, however, is if Respawn will listen to PVPX. They’ve proven they’re willing to change up loot, from permanently adding Evo Shields, to constantly adding new guns, but there’s no telling if they’d make changes this extreme.

For now though, you’re just going to have to skip the whites and find the best loot yourself. If you’re not sure where to look, check out our best loot zones guide; if you’re not so sure what to look for, read our ultimate weapon tier list.