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Octane ability buff would be perfect for Apex Legends Season 5

Published: 11/May/2020 10:30

by Andy Williams


Loba is primed to make a grand entrance in Apex Legends Season 5, but could this Octane buff help the Adrenaline Junkie compete with the new character?

Octane has been a staple part of the Apex Legends cast since Season 1. Despite one of the more popular Legends, the adrenaline loving character has one of the most lackluster ability sets in the game.

Aside from his Swift Mend Passive (the ability to heal over time), Octane offers very little in the way of giving players a tactical advantage — compared with Pathfinder, for example, who can grapple their way onto the high-ground and make it difficult for enemies to engage.


Octane posing for selfie.
Octane might be fun to play, but he does very little towards giving players an advantage in the arena.

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While Mirage is confirmed to be getting a buff during Season 5, plenty of Octane mains have been longing for some tweaks to their character of choice for some time.

This has led one Reddit user to devise a concept which Respawn could use as a template for what tweaks Octane would need.

As part of the rework, the Redditor has completely overhauled their Passive while also tweaking both the Tactical and the Ultimate — making for a very interesting final product.

Octane buff concept.
MAL1QU3_BA1L3Y (Reddit)
Is this Octane buff the answer to all of the Octane mains’ woes?

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Perhaps most alarming to Octane mains, the Swift Mend Passive has been scrapped and replaced with an alternative, movement-based option. Essentially, players would have a 5% speed increase when running and on all other movements performed inside the game.


In terms of the changes to the Tactical, Octane’s Stim movement speed would be boosted from 30% to 35%, but in exchange for the marginal increase, the base cooldown would be increased by eight seconds.

And while Octane still has their trusty Launch Pad for their Ultimate, the Redditor’s concept would allow it to propel Legends much further in the air — akin to how The Geyser works in World’s Edge.

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While Octane’s movement buff would considerably benefit Octane mains, the Passive would need to be nerfed slightly than what’s on paper here — a base increase when aiming down sight and evading trouble would likely be overpowered.


To top things off, the Adrenaline Junkie’s ability to heal over time is one of his greatest assets, so stripping that away from him would be almost criminal.