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NRG Lulu’s $100K Apex Legends Throwdown recap: Team ImperialHal dominates

Published: 15/May/2021 1:12 Updated: 15/May/2021 2:52

by Alan Bernal


NRG’s LuluLuvely follow-up to her Apex Legends Throwdown event is going down! The event was spread across the battle royale and the game’s new Arenas mode, with $100,000 on the line.

The first Lulu’s Throwdown ended with Team ImperialHal, led by the TSM Apex pro along with Apryze and Loochy, taking home a grand total of $30,500 and first place throughout both days of the competition.

Hal’s dominance continued into the second Throwdown too. With a new squad featuring Daltoosh and GuhRL, Hal decimated the competition in Arenas and Battle Royale, pocketing $32,000 between them for winning both events.


lululuvely throwdown 2.0 apex legends
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LuluLuvely’s Throwdown 2.0 incorporated the new Arenas mode.

Lulu’s Throwdown leaderboards

Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 Arenas placements
Place Team Points
1st Team ImperialHal 24
2nd Team Nokokopuffs 23
3rd Team VioletLex 20
4th Team Sabz_Bear 19
5th Team WeThePeople1 15
6th Team hollow 15
7th Team Euriece 15
8th Team Ninjayla 14
9th Team NessPhace 13
10th Team VickyPalami 13
11th Team Latinkatt 13
12th Team Taisheen 13
13th Team HisandHersLive 12
14th Team Princess 12
15th Team Mulvana 12
16th Team ShivFPS 11
17th Team DeridiuM 10
18th Team Cau7ion 9
19th Team Janey 9
20th Team babynikki 6

Day 2

Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 BR placements
Placements Team Points
1st Team ImperialHal 79
2nd Team VickyPalami 53
3rd Team Mulvana 44
4th Team babynikki 44
5th Team ClaraATwork 35
6th Team Janey 34
7th Team Ninjayla 29
8th Team VioletLex 26
9th Team Euriece 23
10th Team Latinkatt 22
11th Team hollow 21
12th Team HisandHersLive 20
13th Team Nokokopuffs 18
14th Team DeridiuM 17
15th Team Princess 13
16th Team Sabz 13
17th Team ShivFPS 13
18th Team WeThePeople1 12
19th Team Cau7ion 8
20th Team Taisheen 6

Apex Throwdown 2.0 Final Placements

Day 1

Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 Arenas placements
Placement Team Prize
1st Team ImperialHal $12,000
2nd Team Nokokopuffs $8,000
3rd Team VioletLex $4,500
4th Team Sabz_Bear $1,500
5th Team WeThePeople1
6th Team hollow
7th Team Euriece
8th Team Ninjayla
9th Team Nessphace
10th Team VickyPalami
11th Team Latinkatt
12th Team Taisheen
13th Team HisandHersLive
14th Team Princess
15th Team Mulvana
16th Team ShivFPS
17th Team DeridiuM
18th Team Cau7ion
19th Team Janey
20th Team babynikki

Day 2

Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 BR placements
Placement Team Prize
1st Team ImperialHal $20,000
2nd Team VickyPalami $13,000
3rd Team Mulvana $10,000
4th Team babynikki $4,000
5th Team ClaraATwork $3,000
6th Team Janey $0
7th Team Ninjayla
8th Team VioletLex
9th Team Euriece
10th Team Latinkatt
11th Team hollow
12th Team HisandHersLive
13th Team Nokokopuffs
14th Team DeridiuM
15th Team Princess
16th Team Sabz
17th Team ShivFPS
18th Team WeThePeople1
19th Team Cau7ion
20th Team Taisheen

Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 teams

Lulu outlined everything people will need to know when it comes to forming their teams.

The teams are going to be made of three players: one woman, one other content creator, and one current or former professional player.

A last stipulation limits teams to having only one player on the team who has been a finalist in any official EA tournament, to ensure balance and fairness.

Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 teams (Per line)
Ninjayla Deej Zeroplus
Princess Reps TannerSlays
DeridiuM Graceful BESTGIRL
ShivFPS Peach QeWZee
Taisheen TiffaJessi OnMyLap
ImperialHal daltoosh GuhRL
Euriece Jenn Brother Enoch
Mulvana ImMadness Cody
HisandHersLive Albralelie PrettyBondGirl
Cau7ion Vrosess MrGreekGod
babynikki Snip3down Baronful
VickyPalami Uxako Pistillo
WeThePeople1 Salinono FloatingKoala
Nokokopuffs LuluLuvely Xednim
hollow Avuhlie Stooj
Janey FunFPS thekine
VioletLex Dezignful SlurpeeG
ClaraATwork / NessPhace Zach ACEKTM7
Sabz JuyZi NixAims
Latinkatt NiceWigg LoeJeez