How to watch Lulu’s Throwdown $100k Apex Legends tournament

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NRG streamer LuluLuvely threw a $100,000 Apex Legends tournament for top players and streamers to prove why they’re the best. Here’s a rundown on all the action, and the final results.

  • Top streamers and pro players including as LuluLuvely, Snip3down & ImperialHal
  • ImperialHal’s team takes lion’s share of $100,000 purse
  • First major tournament for Season 8

Apex Legends Season 8 has officially kicked off, bringing new Legend Fuse, new weapons, and some map changes to boot.

What better way to kick off the new season, then, than seeing some of your favorite content creators go to battle with some serious money on the line? Here’s all the key info.

Lulu’s Throwdown: Schedule

The tournament took place across two days, Thursday, February 4 to Friday, February 5. Things kicked off on Feb 4 at 1 PM PT (4 PM ET/9 PM GMT) and started again around the same time on Feb 5.

Lulu’s Throwdown Final results

After the dust settled on the last day, Team ImperialHal — made up of Phillip ImperialHal’ Dosen, Apryze, and LoochyTV — were the ones left standing at the top of the table with a $10,500 . The top 10 finishers are listed below:

Place Team Earnings
1st Team ImperialHal $10,500
2nd Team iiTzTimmy $5,000
3rd Team sweetdreams $3,000
4th Team Snip3down $1,500
5th Team Rogue $1,500
6th Team Albralelie $1,500
7th Team Nokokopuffs $1,500
8th Team TannerSlays $1,500
9th Team Jxneyy $1,500
10th Team Draynilla $1,500

Lulu’s Throwdown: Teams & players

Here we’ve got all of the confirmed teams and players before the event started. Each team consists of one pro player, one content creator, and then teams had to choose their third teammate from a predetermined list.

Team  Players
Team LuluLuvely LuluLuvely iShiny JoeWo
Team Snip3down Snip3down Baron LethuL
Team Albralelie Albralelie Dizzy Thekine
Team babynikki babynikki Aneimal ImMadness
Team TannerSlays TannerSlays imBronana Frexs
Team LoeJeez LoeJeez Jameskii dyrus
Team iiTzTimmy iiTzTimmy Lou Shiphtur
Team ClaraATwork ClaraATwork Reptar Tommey
Team ImperialHal ImperialHal Apryze LoochyTV
Team Rogue Rogue SlurpeeG LyndonFPS
Team GuhRL GuhRL Cody IslandGrown
Team Daltoosh Daltoosh Gentrifyinq KaleiRenay
Team Nokokopuffs Nokokopuffs Brother Enoch Macro
Team sweetdreams sweetdreams xednim Backflipman
Team NiceWigg NiceWigg PVPX JakenbakeLIVE
Team Draynilla Draynilla Bronzey Firedragon
Team Kobi IceManIsaac Resultuh Kobi
Team Retzi Retzi SuperSweatyMatt MoistCr1tikal
Team Monsoon Monsoon Masaka Cruk
Team Jxneyy FunFPS Masayoshi Jxneyy

Teams played 8 games on Day 1, with 1 point granted per kill, 3 points for a 1st place finish, 2 points for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd. $47,000 of the prize pool was dished out on the first day, with the bonus $3,000 going to the winner of the boxing event.

Then on Day 2, the competition heated up, with only 6 games, and more points for placements.

Place Points
Points per kill 1
1st 12
2nd 9
3rd 7
4th 5
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1


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