NICKMERCS explains why he wants smaller Apex Legends streamer for ALGS trio

NICKMERCS streaming next to Maggie from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment / Twitch: NICKMERCS

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained his reasoning for wanting a smaller Apex Legends streamer as part of his ALGS trio, suggesting they’ll be hungrier for success than a creator with a massive following. 

Despite calls from many of his followers to make a permanent transition back to Call of Duty and Warzone, streamer NICKMERCS has stuck with Apex Legends for months on end.

His commitment to the game has seen him reach the prestigious rank of Apex Predator and, more recently, seen him signal his intent to compete in Apex Legends tournaments, including in the official Apex Legends Global Series esports environment.

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We’ve also had explanations from Snip3down as to why the pair haven’t been able to form an ALGS team, with Nick now indicating he wants to get a smaller creator on board.

ALGS Global Series rewardsRespawn Entertainment
ALGS is the official Apex Legends esports competition.

Speaking on his stream (and then uploaded in a March 11 YouTube video) the former CoD competitor explained: “The guy he’s playing with is a potential third for ALGS. Apparently, his teammates don’t wanna play anymore, or some sh*t. And they had an Apex pro league spot… It would be kinda cool to have that experience on the squad.”

He went on to outline the potential benefits to having a player with less of a following, and someone who would be able to compliment him and current second teammate ItsDeeds: “I just really want somebody who just really wants to be here. Not anybody who’s like [in it for] conversation and sh*t. I need that real passion. That’s why it’s always kinda good to find people who are not big yet because they’re hungry.”

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People who already have large followings, communities, and experience as pros are less likely to have the unadulterated passion Nick wants in a teammate.

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He finished with a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment, but also an explanation as to why he’s so set on ItsDeeds as his second: “You need passion… they don’t build them like me no more. You gotta find people who really really want it… I know Deeds wants it, I know it in my heart. We gotta find one more.”

It remains to be seen who Nick and Deeds pick up as their third but, whoever joins the duo for ALGS, we’re extremely excited to see what they can achieve in the world of Apex esports.

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