Loba players call for buffs to her Tactical in Apex Legends for quicker escapes

Loba Apex Legends buffRespawn Entertainment

Loba players are calling on Respawn to buff the Translocating Theif’s Tactical to make it easier for her to escape and trick her enemies.

When it comes to gathering loot and equipping weapons with the best attachments possible, no one on the Apex Legends roster does it better than Loba.

The Translocating Theif has access to her Black Market every 120 seconds so her team is never short on supplies. Paired with the mobility of her Tactical, Loba can take out enemies from unsuspecting angles and escape dangerous situations with ease.

Despite this, not everyone is satisfied with the power of Loba’s kit, and a lot of mains are calling on Respawn to add some quality of life improvements to her Tactical.

These buffs would give Loba players more control when using her teleport and potentially even add the ability to bamboozle opponents.

Loba Apex Legends buffRespawn Entertainment
Loba has a 4% pick rate in Season 12.

Loba buff idea would give players more control over Tactical

Despite the huge changes to Loba’s Tactical in Season 9, a lot of mains still think her bracelet needs improvements. These suggestions mainly revolve around giving players more control over the teleport.

Posted on the Apex Legends subreddit on March 4, user Weary-Zookeepergame6 put forward that Loba should still complete her teleport even if she’s downed after it’s been thrown.

Although an extremely simple change, this would allow the Translocating Thief to escape danger more easily, and potentially give her squad a chance to revive her in a safe location.

The thread even sparked more ideas from other Loba mains, with a lot of players calling on the devs to add a cancel option for the bracelet.

That way, Loba players could trick and bamboozle opponents with a fake bracelet throw, or avoid jumping into danger after throwing the teleport into an enemy team.

Despite all of these suggestions, Loba is sitting on at a healthy 4% pick rate in Season 12, so it’s unlikely that Respawn will opt to make any changes to her kit.

However, if enough of the community calls on the devs to make the improvements, there’s always a possibility these ideas could be implemented in the future.