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New Apex Legends teasers found for Bloodhound Town Takeover & Prowlers

Published: 31/Mar/2020 20:04

by Albert Petrosyan


Teasers have been added to the World’s Edge map in Apex Legends revealing new details about the upcoming Bloodhound Town Takeover event, as well as the mysterious creatures called Prowlers that could be added soon.

Town Takeovers are a fun tradition in Apex Legends, allowing Respawn Entertainment to add whole new locations on the maps themed after specific Legends.

There have been a few of these so far since the game’s release, including one for Octane, Wraith, and, most recently, Mirage, which came during the winter season in the form of the Holo-Day Bash.

Respawn EntertainmentThe most recent Town Takeover in Apex Legends, called Holo-Day Bash, was themed after Mirage.

According to leaks and speculation, the next one will be for Bloodhound and will debut around Eastertime, which means that it’ll likely be themed after the holiday as well.

On March 31, Respawn added the first teasers for the event, in the form of flags marking where the Town Takeover will likely be located on the map.

These flags were placed on the mountains around Sniper’s Ridge, which is a series of hills and ridges in the northwest corner of the map.

Respawn EntertainmentThe flags placed on Sniper’s Ridge reveal it to be the likely location for Bloodhound’s Town Takeover in Apex Legends.

That was not the only teaser that the devs surprised fans with; they also put a dead body of what appears to be some sort of lizard-like creature that’s never been seen before in Apex Legends.

While not yet confirmed, this mysterious beast is most likely a Prowler – an alien species that originated in Respawn’s Titanfall series and seems to be on its way to the Apex universe.

There had been plenty of leaks surrounding Prowlers over the past few weeks, including details about their animations, but this is the first time one’s actually been seen in-game.

Respawn EntertainmentThe first appearance of what likely is a Prowler in Apex Legends.

Of course, this didn’t come as a total surprise to those who have been paying attention to leaks, as prominent Apex dataminer iLootGames did let fans know ahead of time that something was coming.

In his video, which we’ve included below, he goes through each flag location and offers several close looks at the dead Prowler.

Other than the flag locations, not too much more is known about Bloodhound’s Town Takeover, although we do now know that the alien creatures will probably play some sort of role.

As for when it’ll launch, the likeliest date is April 7, since Respawn usually release these kinds of updates on Tuesdays, and this gives them a whole week to put out more teasers before unveiling the whole thing.

As always, we will continue to bring you the latest news and info as they become available.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaker claims Heirloom weapon skins are coming

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:50

by Daniel Cleary


An Apex Legends leaker has claimed that Respawn are planning to add a new tier of weapons skins for guns, at the same rarity as Heirlooms.

There is plenty of choice for players when it comes to customizing their favorite Apex Legends characters or weapons, and Respawn are always releasing new cosmetic items to keep the game fresh.

The cosmetics for characters and weapons are divided into classes, based on how rare they can be to find, and new leaks are suggesting that some more ultra-rare items could be coming.

Mirage's Heirloom pack in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Gun weapon skins could be the next Heirlooms added to Apex Legends.

Heirloom weapon skins?

The Heirloom melee weapons for certain characters are the rarest items that can be unlocked in Apex Legends and, typically, there is only one of them released for a single Legend, each season.

However, while melee weapons are the only type of Heirloom cosmetics currently available, Apex leaker “SomeoneWhoLeaks” has revealed that ranged Heirloom skins for the different guns in-game might be next.

The leaker revealed that the rumor apparently stemmed from an investor inside EA before reminding Apex Legends fans that it has still yet to be confirmed by Respawn.

“Rumor has it that heirloom weapon skins are coming,” they explained, “this comes from some investors in EA, so take it with a grain of salt.”

The Apex leaker added that these would simply be released as ranged weapon skins but was unsure if they would be released through Heirloom Shards, similarly to the melee weapons that have already been released.

They also revealed that the timeline for when these potential Heirloom skins are coming is still unclear, which makes it unlikely that we will see them for the start of Season 7 on November 4.

While little has been revealed about these ultra-rare weapon skins, it is worth noting that nothing is set in stone and we won’t know for sure until Respawn officially release the rumored cosmetics.

SomeoneWhoLeaks has previously leaked Bangalore’s weapon heirloom, although we’re still to see this arrive in-game.