Apex Legends leak reveals more details about Prowlers

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends leaker iLootGames has revealed more details about Titanfall’s Prowlers, apparently making their way into the battle royale. 

Since Apex Legends has been on the market, fans of the battle royale have only had to contest games against each other – even though they haven’t always been alone, especially on Kings Canyon. Back in season one, Respawn Entertainment introduced the Flyers – dragon-like beasts that could be found circling the sky or locked in some cages. 

These flyers would drop precious loot for players but wouldn’t attack them, even though they seemed pretty menacing. Since then, there have been rumors about a player vs environment game mode that would have players attacked by some sort of creatures – and it appears as if we might be getting closer to that point.

Respawn Entertainment
The Prowlers were a force to be reckoned with in Titanfall.

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Reliable Apex Legends leaker iLootGames shed more light on the previously leaked Prowlers, the beasts from the Titanfall universe, that have appeared in the files for the battle royale.

In addition to the early data-mined information on the creatures, the leaker revealed that there are a number of different variants of them in the files – all with the same character model, but differently skinned.

There are also a whole host of brand-new animations as well. iLootGames showcases a handful of them, including one where the Prowler would scan for enemies, hunt after said enemies, and even climb up into windows.

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While the Flyers were huge in comparison to the legends on the map, the leaker showed that the Prowlers stand about the same size as Pathfinder – so they won’t be overly terrifying.

As for what role the animals will play, that remains up in the air. It is unknown if they will descend on the map like the Flyers and play into the normal battle royale mode, or if they will have a limited-time variant that will be some sort of PvE fight.