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Apex Legends Havoc rifle can “laser” people with Season 4 changes

by Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment


Apex Legends players are starting to rediscover the power of the HAVOC Rifle after key Season 4 changes have made it a force to be reckoned with.

Along with Revenant, the Season 4 update made sweeping changes to the battle royale’s list of items – namely with the removal of the Turbocharger hop-up attachment. While the gun lost an upgradeable tool, the devs gave the rifle a boost in other areas to compensate.

Now players are rediscovering the immense firepower that the HAVOC can deal out, especially since its adjusted recoil levels out rapid-fire shots for better control.

Respawn Entertainment
The HAVOC rifle was extremely popular after being added to Apex Legends shortly after the game's launch.


For mid-to-long range combat, players can make the rifle to throw down an impressive barrage of fire that can be used to bring someone down from 200-0 in a flash.

Reddit user ‘danthemandoris’ showed how potent the HAVOC can be after the Assimilation update left the gun in an arguably better state than before.

“Don't sleep on the Havoc, ever since they reduced the recoil and muzzle flash this thing has been a laser,” they said.


The notorious muzzle flash in Apex Legends was finally adjusted on March 2, making rapid-fire weapons like the HAVOC much less of a nuisance to use.

Respawn also reduced the weapon’s “horizontal recoil, making it easier to control.” Those fixes essentially addressed some of the most pressing issues with the HAVOC, as seen in danthemandoris’s clip.

After spotting a player coming from around a nearby corner, the player lined up the fully stocked HAVOC onto the target and took mere seconds to knock them down.

danthemandoris via Reddit
The HAVOC has a steadier fire that's important for long-range shots.


Of course, figuring out the gun’s new recoil will be a player’s biggest issue. But that’s nothing that a few sessions in the Firing Range wouldn’t help solve.

These changes haven’t affected the HAVOC’s hitscan capabilities with a Select-Fire attached, meaning it can also be an effective sniper at longer ranges.

“Don't sleep on havoc in single fire mode with a 4x scope at long range,” user ‘rwp80’ said. “It's a hitscan weapon. There is no projectile travel. It is an instant line from barrel to target.”

With its multitude of uses after the Season 4 changes, the HAVOC can quickly become a favorite among Apex Legends players.