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Apex Legends • Jul 12, 2019

Apex Legends Crypto: Leaks and rumors for next character

Apex Legends Crypto: Leaks and rumors for next character

A number of unreleased Apex Legends characters have already been leaked and floated about the internet with speculation running rampant. One in particular is Crypto as we know more about them than the others. Here's every detail we know so far. 


The hugely anticipated second season of Apex Legends content finally released on July 2, with the previously leaked legend Wattson at the forefront. 

However, considering players were able to figure out a ton of information about Wattson prior to her release, they’ve now turned their attention to character like Crypto to try and see just what they might bring to the Kings Canyon party. 


EA Livestream
Could Wattson be joined by another legend in Season 2?

Who is Crypto?

Despite the game being a battle royale and multiplayer-only, Apex Legends characters do have their own backstories and lore. 

While we are still waiting for an official announcement about Crypto, the legend has already appeared in Pathfinder’s background. The character, who seemingly sports dreadlocks, can be seen with their back to a wall while wearing a green and white jacket. 

The hints don’t end there, however. The interesting legend also looks to be carrying a sword on their back - which could make them a real melee specialist in-game.

2buiArt - Deviant Art
Eagle-eyed fans spotted Crypto lurking behind Pathfinder on a banner.


Has Respawn acknowledged Crypto’s existence?

Apex Legends players got their face look at Crypto back in March when a slew of leaked files showed that there were a ton of yet-to-be-released legends already conjured up by Respawn. 

While others, like Wattson, grabbed more attention, it didn’t take long for Crypto to come under the microscope. Players started putting together their theories about Crypto back on June 22, when Redditor FrozenFroh uncovered game files that hinted toward the release of a second legend in season two. 

Those files pointed towards a laptop teaser that players quickly uncovered in-game. But, that wasn’t all. While Respawn is yet to really acknowledge the existence of Crypto, the laptop did play a part in the recent Battle Charge animated mini-movie that was released on June 27.

Respawn Entertainment
Crypto's laptop appeared in the Season 2 - Battle Charge trailer.


What are Crypto’s abilities? 

We still don’t have a full look at the legend in action but it hasn’t taken too long to figure out what they abilities Crypto may have. One such big hint came from that animated mini-movie as the words 'ACTIVATE EMP' and a strange, ultimate ability-looking logo appeared on-screen at one point

The idea that Crytpo would have some sort of jamming ability - be it to do with the map or stopping other players using their abilities - has been floated since the initial leaked files. If true, the legend would seemingly fall under the Recon categorization like Bloodhound and be more of a support player than leading the line. 


While the character seemingly helped shape the story for the new season, the hope that they would be released alongside Wattson were dashed upon release.

Considering Respawn have only released character to kick off new campaigns, fans could be waiting until season three before getting their hands on an interesting new legend. 

Until then, you can be sure to follow all the latest updates - be they official news from Respawn or hints from leakers - thanks to this post. 

This article was last updated on Friday, July 12 at 09:44 am Eastern Time.