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Apex Legends • Jul 06, 2019

When is Apex Legends Season 3? Release date, new Legends, battle pass and more

When is Apex Legends Season 3? Release date, new Legends, battle pass and more

The long wait until Apex Legends Season 3 kicks off is now underway so here’s a full rundown of everything you need to know and what you can expect from the new season. 


Apex Legends Season 2 was released on July 2, but some players are already questioning when the next round of seasonal content will be dropped.

Back when the game released in February, Respawn quickly revealed the year one roadmap for their new title - explaining when fans could expect updates. They’ve already delivered on seasons one and two, but here’s what we know about season three.


EA Livestream
The game's newest legend, Wattson, was released in Apex Legends Season 2.

When does Apex Legends Season 3 start?

Apex Legends' year one roadmap originally had a September release date for Season 3 in place, but that won’t be the case. The exact release date for season three is unknown, but delays for previous seasons will have pushed it back.

Season two had been originally slated for the start of June but, of course, that didn’t happen and players were left waiting until July 2. A similar situation will also unfold with season three, as it's scheduled to start in October.

Respawn Entertainment
The road map pointed at a September start date but that won't happen.


When does Apex Legends Season 2 end?

Apex Legends season two currently has an end date of Tuesday, October 1 set but that could quite easily change for a number of different reasons. 

However, if it doesn’t, you can expect season two to come to a close at 7pm BST/2pm EDT/11am PDT and 8pm CEST.


Will there be a new Legend in Season 3?

Each season of Apex Legends has added a new Legend to the Kings Canyon and season three should be no different.

Prior to season two, speculation suggested that two legends - Wattson and Crypto - were set to drop but only Wattson made the leap. If he doesn't appear in season two, season three could very well welcome Crypto as the newest legend considering we know plenty about him already. 

Respawn Entertainment
Crypto has been spotted in Apex Legends since before season one.


Will Apex Legends Season 3 have a battle pass?

There will probably be a brand new battle pass for season three, adding a number of gear, possible new legends, and plenty of new cosmetics for you to deck your inventory out. 

The battle pass from Season One: Wild Frontier left a ton of players disappointed with their rewards - prompting a number of responses from Respawn. If fans aren’t overwhelmed with what they get from season two, we’ll likely see a number of changes for season three, too.

Respawn Entertainment
The L-Star was released as a part of Apex Legends season two.

How much will the Apex Legends battle pass cost?

The battle passes for both season one and two cost 950 Apex Coins - so you’ll have to pick up 1,000 from the store for £7.99/$10 if you don’t keep ahold of the free currency that can be claimed through battle pass progression. 

As Season Two: Battle Charge progresses, more and more details about the following season should follow - so we’ll keep you updated with everything you need to know.

This post was last updated on Saturday, July 6 at 12:02 pm EST.

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