New Apex Legends Genesis Collection event skins: Loba, Bangalore, more

bangalore skin apex legends genesis collection eventRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed a list of fresh Apex Legends skins coming as part of Season 9’s Genesis Collection event. From Loba to Bangalore, there are a lot of new cosmetics included. 

On June 24, the patch notes were released for Apex’s next big update – Genesis Collection. Inside, the dev team stated that there would be a new Arenas map coming, Skull Town, as well as a list of price changes for weapons and other items.

Aside from that, a number of weapons and legends were given buffs and nerfs for the patch, with Respawn posting a trailer confirming a number of new skins that would feature.

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Depending on which Legend you main in-game, this may be good or bad news – so let’s run through the list.

New Genesis Collection event skins for Apex Legends

A handful of new skins are coming as part of the Genesis Collection event, including the following:


loba apex collection event skinRespawn Entertainment
Loba will look like a hooded assassin in the Genesis Collection.


Bangalore genesis collection event skinRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore rocking her new helmet outfit for the Apex Legends Genesis Collection event.


valkyrie apex legends genesis skinRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie still has her wings, but in a different style.


revenant skin for apex season 9Respawn Entertainment
Revenant gets a different look for the big update.


horizon genesis skin apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Horizon gets a colorful new suit.


Gibraltar collection skin season 9Respawn Entertainment
Here is Gibraltar’s new look, taken from the trailer.

So – that almost rounds off the list of new Apex Legends Genesis Collection skins coming in the mid-Season 9 update. Commiserations for mains of Crypto, Octane, and others this time around, as they don’t look to have a skin included in the next fresh set.

There is, however, a Wattson skin that we don’t yet have a very clear picture of, which is expected to join the fight with the Genesis update. It can be seen below.

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wattson skin Respawn Entertainment
We’ve not yet seen a good look at this new Wattson skin.

Apex Legends Genesis Collection event trailer

Many of these new skins are featured in the new Genesis Collection trailer, seen below.

For more information on the Apex Legends Genesis Collection update, check out our weapons buffs/nerfs article, legends buffs/nerfs guide, and overall patch notes here.