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New Apex Legends event skin dubbed “pay-to-lose” due to visual bug

Published: 31/Mar/2022 13:09 Updated: 31/Mar/2022 17:29

by James Busby


The Warriors Collection Event is finally live in Apex Legends, but a new weapon skin is being dubbed “pay-to-lose” by players. 

The Apex Legends Warriors Collection event has introduced plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into. There’s the New ‘Drop-Off’ Arenas map, return of Control LTM, and highly-anticipated next-gen upgrades. On top of all the exciting new content, Respawn has also introduced a number of balance updates.

Aside from these additions, the devs have also included new unlockables that can be earned by participating in the game’s event. Just like previous Collection updates, players can claim some great-looking weapon cosmetics, however, one of the new camos is being dubbed “pay-to-lose” due to a visual glitch. 


Apex Legends Warriors Collection weapon skin is pay-to-lose

Curse of the Amazon Charge Rifle skin
Respawn Entertainment
The Curse of the Amazon is the latest Charge Rifle skin.

While the Charge Rifle may not be the most popular gun in Apex Legends’ weapon meta, the new Warriors Collection skin looks incredibly cool. The Curse of the Amazon is a Legendary Charge Rifle skin that is unlocked after reaching 5,000 points in the event tracker. 

The new Charge Rifle skin is decked out with a gold finish, which gives it a really sleek look, and one many players will want to add to their collection. However, there is currently a serious issue that is making the Curse of the Amazon “pay-to-lose”.

In fact, whenever players zoom down scopes that take up the entire screen, the gun’s barrel is still visible. This was highlighted by Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, who showcased how broken the skin is when equipped with the 6x Sniper scope. 


This is obviously a huge problem as the added visual clutter can greatly affect your overall aim. For now, it’s best to avoid high magnification optics or simply remove the cosmetic entirely if you wish to use the Charge Rifle. Hopefully, Respawn will fix this issue sooner rather than later.