New Apex Legends character concept adds hoverboard and super sliding

Apex Legends character conceptRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has created a character whose kit completely revolves around mobility and even includes a hoverboard.

With every seasonal update, a new character is added to the roster and players spend countless hours mastering their intricate mechanics and abilities.

Now that the teasers for Season 13 have finally arrived in-game, it looks like Newcastle will be the new face arriving in the Outlands in May.

Despite this, some members of the community aren’t satisfied with just waiting for the next Legend reveal and instead take matters into their own hands.

Well, that’s exactly what Reddit user angraal did with their character concept, showcasing a mobility-based Legend called Slide.

Apex Legends Lifeline slideRespawn Entertainment
Season 13 is expected to go live in Apex Legends in early May.

Character concept adds hoverboards to Apex

Originally from the planet Psamathe, Slide is a mechanics genius who loves nothing better than hopping on his hoverboard. In the hopes of making his parents proud, he’s joined the Apex Games and has enough mobility to rival Octane.

For starters, Slide’s Passive Accelerated Slide gives him a short speed boost on his hoverboard once he’s glided for an extended period of time.

When it comes to his Tactical Blinding Drift, Slide skids along the ground to create a wall of dust that interferes with enemy visibility.

Finally, Slide’s Ultimate Hoverboards create two mini hoverboards that anyone can use. They allow allies to move faster and even come with a short speed boost, but abilities cannot be used while riding the boards.

Without a doubt, angraal has created an impressive concept that has captured the community’s attention.

With Octane being so popular, it would make sense for Respawn to add another mobility-centric Legend to the game in the near future.

Let’s hope the devs take note of angraal’s idea, as hoverboards in the Outlands would make rotating to different POIs extremely fun.