Mad Maggie’s Apex Legends pick rate may result in Season 12 changes already

Mad Maggie in blue skin in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

After arriving in Apex Legends Season 12, Mad Maggie has taken third spot when it comes to the most-used characters in the game, but she is lagging behind Octane and Wraith, not taking top spot like other new legends. 

The arrival of Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance allowed long-time fans of Respawn’s battle royale to finally get their hands on Mad Maggie as a playable legend.

Hailing from Salvo, the Rebel Warlord has already shaken up the meta a little, as her speed-boosting abilities have both made Shotguns a must-use in matches, and kept enemy players on their toes once she engages.

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As like many of the new legends before her, Mad Maggie has become a familiar face in many matches, however, she hasn’t risen to be the most popular pick as there are still two legends being used more than her.

Mad Maggie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie has finally arrived in Apex Legends.

The stats, which come from Apex Legends Status, have revealed that Maggie has jumped up to become the third most-used legend in Apex currently, with an almost 10% usage rate.

She lags slightly behind Wraith, who sits in second place with an almost 11% usage rate, but they both pale in comparison to Octane who has a 15% usage rate in matches and has only continued to rise.

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With the ranked levels for the new season still shaking out, Maggie is currently being played mostly at a silver two level – which puts her on par with Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Crypto. Again, in this metric, she’s still behind Octane, with Bloodhound, Lifeline, and even Fuse being played at a higher level.

Apex Legends pick rates after season 12Respawn/EA
Maggie has become the third most-used legend in Apex, but will it last?

Naturally, as players grow tired of Maggie’s newness, her pick rate will likely fall off somewhat as she settles into a truer spot within the battle royale meta.

Obviously, if she falls away too much, it could be the case that Respawn go back to the drawing board and give her a little more love, but that remains to be seen at this early stage.

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