Wattson bug nerfs her fences ability in Apex Legends Season 12

Wattson with fences in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have uncovered yet another issue with Wattson’s fences, with the powerful ability suffering a nerf as a result of the Season 12 problem. 

The arrival of Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance has been heralded by many fans of Respawn’s battle royale, especially for the introduction of Mad Maggie and the new Control LTM.

On top of the big headline additions, Crypto finally got his long-awaited buff as the Security Expert is now able to use his drone’s abilities without having to pilot it. Though, there have also been nerfs to the all mighty Caustic, with his gas traps now being able to be destroyed after they’ve activated.

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Though, the new update has also brought about some unintended nerfs too, with both Loba and Wattson suffering issues with their abilities pretty unexpectedly, as Loba’s Black Market Boutique can no longer block doors.

Apex Legends woman in orange jacket and blue hood waves at players in front of an electric fenceRespawn Entertainment
Wattson is a popular Apex character but issues remain.

In the case of Wattson, it’s her Perimeter Security fences that are suffering from an issue, as they’re still stunning enemies but not to their full capacity.

As Apex Legends streamer Texcalon demonstrated, players can still run through an active Wattson fence and be slowed by the damage, however, their camera movement speed is no longer affected during the stunned phase.

That means that while they may be moving slightly slower as a result of the fence, you still aim as if nothing has really happened. Thus, you’re not really at a disadvantage in a gunfight.

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As plenty of players have chimed in with, that’s a pretty big knock on Wattson, who has had plenty of fence-related issues in recent seasons – even though Respawn have tried to iron them out.

It remains to be seen if they’re aware of this issue, but once they are, hopefully, it won’t be too long before Wattson is back at her full power.