LuluLuvely claims EA backflipped on key Apex Legends creator skin details

LuluLuvely Apex Legends skinRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: LuluLuvely

Popular streamer LuluLuvely has claimed Apex Legends content creators were not paid royalties for their work on collab skins in February’s anniversary event. It was a last-minute backflip according to the star, and one that led to her falling out of love with the game.

While gunplay and characters are without a doubt the most important aspect of Apex Legends, cosmetics are also extremely significant.

As certain skins can only be obtained for a limited amount of time, or just look absolutely incredible, some players are willing to grind or spend a lot of money to add them to their collection.

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This was certainly the case for the content creator collab skins for the third anniversary of Apex back in February 2022. EA selected a number of popular personalities from the community and gave them the chance to design a weapon skin in conjunction with an artist.

LuluLuvely was one such creator who took part. However the Twitch star is not satisfied with how EA went about it, with miscommunications and a backflip a day before launch souring the whole experience.

LuluLuvely skin Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Lulu and Lilakey’s skin is the Aftershock Wave R-301.

During a recent stream, LuluLuvely decided to speak about the Aftershock Wave R-301 skin that she helped design with artist lilakeyLK.

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“All of the creator skins — EA told us for months ‘they’re going to be creator skins, it’s your skin’,” she said, “and then the day before they released them, they were like ‘yeah your name isn’t actually going to be attached to the skin at all, nor will you get any money from the skin or recognition.’

“When I brought it up to EA, they’re like ‘we’ll mention you in the blog post.'”

She was paid initially for helping out with the skin. However promised royalties — which were tied with her name and likeness being in the game — were turned down at the last minute.

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As for how it impacted Lulu in the long run? She had a simple statement for that: “And people wonder why I stopped playing [Apex Legends].”

EA is yet to comment on Lulu’s claims.