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Insane new Apex Legends Loba teaser teleports you to her secret lair

Published: 1/May/2020 18:37 Updated: 1/May/2020 20:44

by Theo Salaun


A brand-new teaser for Apex Legends Season 5’s next character, Loba, is now in the game and it is…wild, to say the least.

We know a few things about Loba. We know that she is named after a wolf, her parents were killed by Revenant, and that she is now some sort of high-tech thief with a revenge plot against the assassin Revenant, who murdered her family when she was a young girl.

While Respawn Entertainment has confirmed Loba’s release, alongside “Season Quests, a bountiful new Battle Pass, and more!” Nobody is certain what that “more” will be (although popular theories surround a Loba in-game event or a new map).


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But now we have a real glimpse at just how sneaky she is and just how terrifying her technology can be. As discovered by popular dataminer, ‘iLootGames,’ and others, the vaults in Apex Legends have been gutted—revealing a tease for Loba.

Lucking into a Vault Key typically gives you a chance to accrue exciting, golden treasure that gives you an edge over your opponents. But now the Vaults are all unlocked and, instead of treasure, you find a holographic image of a wolf with a cryptic message:“Want your treasures back? Come see me!”


Upon looking around further, you find a bracelet that, when interacted with, teleports you briefly to some industrial bridge straight out of a cyberpunk horror film. 

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Lights flicker, the sounds of machinery echo and, after a brief moment, you are teleported back to the vault.

It is a very startling experience and a lot to take in, but we’ve gone through and tried to absorb as much as possible. While interesting to know that Loba is obviously an adept thief, privy to leaving sly messages, two questions stand out: 1) What is this crazy teleportation technology (and is it created blue-haired partner)? and 2) Where in the universe is this creepy chamber you get momentarily teleported to?


There are no clues to the first one’s answer, but there are hints to the second—particularly for Titanfall fans. As noted by iLootGames, you appear to be somewhere underground to the north of Kings Canyon’s Skull Town. 

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As for what the subterranean location might be, there appear to be Stalker robots stacked alongside the dimly lit bridge. In Titanfall 2, Stalkers are dangerous robots who carry either an L-STAR, Mastiff or Volt as their weapon, but have the capacity to perform brutal, heart-wrenching executions

So far, all we know is that Loba has begun playing with our heads and has easy access to a location with a ton of dangerous robots. We don’t know where this mystery leads, but we do know this is quite the entrance.


Apex Legends Season 5 is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, May 12, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.