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Insane Apex Legends exploit removes speed penalty while healing

Published: 12/Feb/2021 18:56

by Michael Gwilliam


An Apex Legends player is warning Respawn after discovering an incredibly powerful bug that lets anyone who exploits it move quickly around the battlefield.

The exploit, discovered by Redditor Dirty_Skirty, completely removes the movement penalty while healing. This is huge, as it can give some players a ridiculous advantage – something that could completely break the competitive integrity of the game.

Luckily, the user is doing his best to keep the bug a secret, at least in how it’s performed. He is, however, seeking to speak with Respawn privately.

In a video posted to the site, Dirty_Skirty explained that he’d prefer to hand over this discovery, which he believes was added with the Season 8 update, to Respawn instead of posting a how-to.


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Players don’t know how the exploit works… yet.

This is actually a bit of a gamble as he is basically letting everyone know there is a big bug in the game that could be discovered before Respawn reaches out. The catch is that if people start using the exploit, chances are the developers would act faster.

“Once Respawn has reached out, I’ll privately share with them how to activate this glitch,” he explained.

According to Dirty_Skirty, this is the biggest cheat bug he’s found yet. “This one is different,” he revealed. “There’s nothing fun, intriguing, or beautiful about this glitch. It’s purely a competitive advantage that will be abused.”


Game-Breaking Bug, Help me reach Respawn from apexlegends

In the past, the user and his team of glitch finders had found some fun bugs that allow players to get under maps or other cool things, but this one just isn’t that great. It’s abusive.

This all said, while the user doesn’t want to reveal how the exploit is performed, in the event he can’t reach Respawn, he is willing to show how to do it. That’s really a last-ditch option though, as he pleaded with other fans to let him reach the devs.

“Please help me reach the dev team so I can protect you from other cheaters,” he said to conclude his video.


Hopefully, the devs end up reaching out soon so this exploit can be patched out and players won’t have to worry about abusive mechanics ruining their games.