Incredible Apex Legends art puts Wattson in Arcane Netflix series

Wattson Apex Legends ArcaneRespawn Entertainment

CG Generalist and 3D character Artist Tim Brown Lees has brought Apex Legends’ Wattson to the Arcane universe in a set of incredible portraits.

After launching in November of 2021, Riot Games’ animated Netflix series Arcane became one of the highest-rated shows on the entire streaming platform.

With an engaging story, incredible music, and a unique art style, nearly every aspect of Arcane was praised by viewers.

So, due to its popularity, it makes sense that fans of the series have created a huge amount of artwork as a tribute to the show. However, very few of these designs combine two beloved universes together for ultimate collaboration.

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Well, that’s exactly what talented 3D character Artist Tim Brown Lees has done, bringing Apex Legends’ Wattson into the Arcane series.

Wattson recreated in Acrane-style artwork

Apex Legends WattsonTim Brown Lees
Wattson is a fan-favorite character in Apex Legends.

Showcased on Tim Brown Lees ArtStation profile, the incredible artist has created three separate portraits of Wattson within the Arcane universe.

Not only have they managed to capture the unique style of Riot’s Netflix series, but they’ve also remained true to Wattson as a Legend and managed to incorporate all of the details from her outfit in-game.

Wattson Artwork ArcaneTim Brown Lees
Arcane was released back in November of 2021.

Wattson is depicted in three separate settings that are all completely different and show her performing a set of her available emotes from Apex.

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With the first showcasing Wattson walking away from a burning building, the second putting the Static Defender in more of a natural setting with a blossom tree, and the third in front of her iconic fences, Tim has certainly knocked it out of the park with these designs.

Wattson Apex LegendsTim Brown Lees
Wattson received a set of significant buffs in Season 11.

It’s well worth checking out Tim’s ArtStation page as he’s also created a 3D character design of Wattson in the Arcane-style, as well as some pictures of the model in the creation process.

These types of collaborations and combinations between different universes always get fans excited so let’s hope Tim continues to create amazing artwork, and maybe bring more Apex characters to Arcane in the future.

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